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Magical Languages


  NAREM – A formalized, pseudo-magical language used by Berythian mages around the time of the The Kingdom of Khyr's formation. Used in the penning of many documents, including the compiled Tith Rehei (The Four Forces).   TAHARJINSHAD - Magical Language of Fire.   EADTHUUMAD - Magical Language of Earth.   HALDORMAHAD - Magical Language of Water.   DAOVBEHNADI - Magical Language of Air.  


  THOUVTHOMBO - Magical Language of Dream (Moon).   UAOSC - Magical Language of Nightmare (Moon).   YASWIW - Magical Language of the Conscious Mind, Self (Sun).   POVU - Magical Language of the Conscious Mind, Other (Sun).  


  ABEHA – The number/math-based language of the Tangled Scrolls, the key text of the Aurimbic tradition.   KABBA-HEI – A streamlined and clarified version of Abeha, used for transcription in Aurimbic spells.  


  KEH-HAN'E – Khajuro's own mathematical script, reminiscent of Abeha in some respects but departing from it radically in others. Only his original works are penned in it, and precious few examples of these exist. Those that do are guarded jealously by the Thief's followers. The script's many intricacies have eluded a full explanation, although comparatively small sections of it have derived usable spells.   SHAKRUUL - A simpler variant of Keh-Han'e, used by the Exiled Tradition to transpose the Master's work into comprehensible and castable spells.


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