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The Servants of Darkness

The Servants of Darkness, despite their melodramatic moniker, are far from a laughing matter. Comprised largely of noble elites with too much wealth, power, and idle time, they have cultivated a fascination with the obscure, the forbidden, and the macabre. Their obsession is not with the playful oddities of magical theory, but with the dangerous mysteries lurking in the shadows of the arcane world.   These lords and ladies consider themselves scholars of the esoteric, but in truth, they are more akin to collectors and dilettantes, dabbling in forces far beyond their comprehension. Despite their privileged status, they are cloaked in an aura of secrecy and exclusivity, convening behind the fortified walls of their sprawling estates, where their peculiar interests can go unchecked and unseen.   Their fixation is on artifacts, spells, and knowledge associated with The Exiled Tradition, and its enigmatic, nefarious Master, Khajuro. Rumours of this Tradition's dangerous power and potential for devastation have been enough to dissuade most sensible folk. Yet, to the Servants of Darkness, these are not warnings, but irresistible lures, drawing them further into the abyss.  
by Midjourney
  The Council of Landezon may publicly scoff at these aristocratic miscreants, waving them away as nothing more than harmless oddballs or even the stuff of baseless gossip. Yet, behind closed doors, they are far less dismissive. They know that, should the Servants of Darkness ever truly unlock the power they toy with, the consequences could be catastrophic.   Despite their cavalier approach to discretion, the Servants are not oblivious to the potential risks they face. Using their influence and wealth, they have woven a complex web of protection and plausible deniability around their activities. Their agents walk the halls of power, embedded in the very institutions that should be their adversaries.   Additionally, it is suspected that the Servants have aligned themselves with the Galori-based crime syndicate, The Castlemoons. Renowned for their smuggling of arcane contraband and connections with the Exiled Tradition's radicalized faction, The Hex, the Castlemoons could very well be the perfect allies in the Servants' quest to unearth the forbidden relics they seek. Their involvement adds another layer of complexity and danger to the already precarious situation. As such, the Servants of Darkness are a ticking time bomb of arcane potential, waiting to explode and disrupt the delicate balance of magical power in the world.


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