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Habitat Observation Portal - HOP

The Habitat Observation Portal – HOP for short – was created by a technically advanced culture. They realized that improving technology is not enough. You have to be in harmony with nature too to reach great heights.
The HOP system has three components. Find new places, transport equipment to the new location, and establish connection with the new site.
The first component is the Seeker. Similar in function to telescopes. It has a much shorter range but can give more accurate results. These results are so detailed that the Seeker will know what species live at the observed location.
The second component is the carrier layer to connect two points within the system. This component is the nullbreed. They don't need any sustenance and are highly resistant to the hazards of nature. Still, they are a single point of failure, and 10 of them are sent to new locations.
The third and probably most important component is the Hopping trees. These trees are grown specifically to connect two points through their trunks. The connection is established between two trees if part of one tree is planted at a different location and the new tree is grown. There are two ways to have a new tree. One solution is that you plant one of its fruits at the new location. It doesn't matter which fruit. This method is only used for short distances. The other, more reliable method is to use one of the smaller branches of the tree and plant this tree at the new location. This way, the connection will be more robust and usable at great distances.
Those trees that are connected are called a forest. Or by its more elegant name, the Treeverse. Multiple Treeverses can be created, but the new forest must originate from a new Hopping tree and won't have any direct connection to other Treeverses. Ideal if a Treeverse must be kept secret or more control is needed on who travels where.
— Peanut, qat druid


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