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The Seeker is a two parts system. The qats tell themselves this because they could not make it work. It must be something in the design. In fairness, the qats are correct. Using the Seeker requires two different things, but not how the qats think.
The first part is the building itself. From the outside, it looks like a giant ball standing on four strong legs with steps leading up to the middle of the ball. Its diameter is 30 feet and has a smooth, shiny surface. Probably any surface would suffice because the critical part is inside. When you step inside, you are on a ramp that leads to the center of the Seeker. Everything else is hollowed out. At the ramp's end is a small stand with two gloves on it. Based on the size of the gloves, it looks like the whole apparatus was designed to be used by an average humanoid, but the gloves themselves are pretty elastic, so probably bigger individuals can wear them too.
And this is where the program comes for the qats. They are not the average size or bigger, but much-much smaller. They can move the gloves with their telepathic powers but can't wear them. They tested the gloves to have two qats wear them on their head, and they saw something, but the result was still disappointing. It makes the qat scholars quite furious when they encounter something they can't make work. This setback and the lack of development on the Hopping tree are the major factors that some scholars want to abduct a few humanoids to move forward with their test.
Although they can't confirm it yet, based on various papers, the qats found in Qatxis, the Seeker is a piece of sophisticated machinery that can find other places suitable for living. It could be the backbone of the Qat Imperium.
It won't work that way, you chihuahuas!!!
— Mr. Scout


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