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Frozen Feathers

The Frozen Feathers is the northernmost ethnicity of the valturo. Nobody knows why the Divine Scavenger brought a tribe of valturo during the Great Migration to the north. It is silent about it, and none of the valturo spiritualists dare to ask about it.
Living in the north is harsh. Food is scarce, and danger is plenty. Even though the valturo living here can go and live somewhere else – there are plenty of free places on Cutter – they are staying here because that was the wish of the Divine Scavenger.
Among all the valturo, the Frozen Feathers use equipment and supplies similar to other cultures. During winter, they wear many clothes to avoid freezing to death and use small boats, equipment for ice hole fishing, and other necessities to fend off starvation. In summer, their hunting style changes back to the traditional valturo hunting and scavenging.
Unlike other valturo communities, the Frozen Feathers do not live in huge nests. They have a strong camaraderie among them and share as much as possible, but they live scattered in small family-size nests. These nests are similar to the buildings of Subterran because the Frozen Feathers lack trees. It is written in their history leaves that they tried to live inside the Cutter just like the residents of the city of Subterran, but they craved the open sky. And from this craving came the beauty everybody is in awe of - the ice nests.
When winter arrives and ice is starting to build up significantly, the Frozen Feathers begin to build their ice nests which look like regular nests, only made of ice but graceful like a centuries-old maple tree. It is also the time when artists arrive to gather inspiration during the long and cold.
If you need stimulation, you go and bask in the elegance of the ice nests
— Thavur, bugbear artist


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