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The Focalizer is a magical rod with which the Judge can turn anybody into a cursed. However, it is just a fraction of its full power.
The Focalizer first appeared during the Rending but soon vanished and recently resurfaced in the Judge's hands. In the past, it was just a curious item that interested a few people. Now, because the Judge uses it, the debate about it is much louder. Magicians tend to agree that the rod was created by Absence himself or one of his cult followers because it taps the power of Absence. However, recent examinations revealed that Abundance is so similar to Absence that the Focalizer might come from her. Or it was just the universe saying, here is something you can use, and I don't care if you live or die using it.
The Focalizer looks like a tube with a narrow middle that widens at both ends. To be used, it needs to be split into two parts in the middle and hold the pieces in different hands. When the command word is uttered, the item sucks in the energies of Absence at one end, injecting the concentrated powers into the wielder. The wielder then adds its desires, and the other end Focalizer executes the request.
This is the gravest problem with the Focalizer. It doesn't have any fixed powers and power levels. Everything it does is based on what its wielder wants and how strong mentally the person is. In theory, it can mean the end of the world in the hands of a maniac. Also, it could bring a new golden age if handled by a wise person. The Judge is currently content with morphing regular people into cursed ones. Hopefully, this satisfies her because with the unlimited power coming from Absence and limitless imagination, she can turn everybody on Tacillia to cursed.
Can I become a god with the Focalizer?
— Carthurg, orc magician


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