Collection of Recording Crystals

Recordings from the tower

Somewhere hidden in the confines of the Interstitial space between floors 3 and 4, a collection of audio recordings was found. It is unknown as to where they came from, or what time they were recorded. The crystals are unmarked, and uncatagorized. When placing a crystal in the palm of your hand, they may be activated, playing back the sound recorded on them.  

  Click one of the crystals to view a text reproduction of the audio recorded onto it  

Crystal One

[sandy footsteps are heard, along with light conversation in the background]   [a CLUNK is heard, followed by splashing]   [Begin to hear yelling in pain and fright]   Suddenly “"MY SKIN, NO, GIVE IT BACK, MY SUIT NEEDS TO COVER MY SKIN, COVER IT UP, COVER IT COVER IT!!"   [Rapid footsteps are heard as the others approach]   “"NO NO NO NOT DROW NO I DON'T WANT TO BE NO"   [Scraping is heard, and then the sobs retreat into the distance]
  Crystal Two
[sounds of battle can be heard]   [Quick footsteps, followed by the sound of cloth scraping against rough stonework]   [Crackling energy can be heard, followed by grunts of pain, and high pitched laughter]   [Stomping footsteps approach, and a *whoosh* is heard as an attempted attack just misses.]   [Gasp in surprise, and crackling energy is heard again]   [grunts in pain]   [The crackling energy quickly spirals out of control]   [a huge electrical explosion is heard]   coughs a few times   Southern drawl saying “Well now that's not what I wanted to happen”  
  Crystal Three
[faint mechanical ticking sounds can be heard]   [BOOM, as a door is kicked down]   [Heavy stomps are heard before a second equally loud bang occurs]   [Pieces of metal bounce across the room, their sound echoing]   [A gruff triumphant roar is heard]   [3 rapid kCHUNKS are heard, followed by whooshing]   [The sound coming from someone is muffled slightly]   [Yelled curses in dwarven are heard, followed by “DAMN NETS” in common]   [a large reverberating BWONGGG is heard, followed by shattering metal]   [another heavy WHAM is heard, followed by more shattering metal]   A friendly voice is heard saying “You okay? Let me help you with these nets”  
  Crystal Four
[dark laughter can be heard]   [sounds of combat in the background]   [a heavy silence momentarily falls over the scene, before the sounds of violence rise again]   [two heavy stomps are heard]   A man yells “YOU DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED”   [A bang from a drum]   [The dark laughter falters, then fades]   [A quiet voice whispers “I'm sorry” between sobs]   [The voice grows in volume and frequency of the sobs]   “OH GODS I'M SO SORRY”

Crystal Four

“Furnace!”   [a mixture of groans can be heard]   [a heavy stone door swings open]   A sharp angry voice rings out “Who the fuck are you? How did you get here?”   A voice responds confused, “Who are you??”   “It doesn't matter who I am” the voice continues   [A pause is heard]   “It doesn't matter who you are . Other souls are just energy for my uses anyways.”   [Another pause]   “Clockwork being make much better servants than anything living anyways”   Someone responds “Well let me introduce you to my servant then”   [Heavy footsteps are heard, and the sound of a sword scraping the floor]
  Crystal Six
[hushed sounds can be heard, soft footsteps]   [a bright "HI!" Is heard]   [a quick but violent scuffle is heard, followed by slurred words]   [footsteps come from below, followed by a gasp]   [A pause is heard]   A southern drawl whispers “oh no”   A quiet voice responds “I was just saying hi…”   [two impacts are heard, one quickly after another]   [the pained breathing/snoring ends]   A gruff voice is heard, slightly farther away. “I didn't want to do that.”   [footsteps retreat, the voice grows more faint]   The gruff voice continues “He wouldn't have had much life after that anyways. I was being merciful.”
  Crystal Seven
“Really. I don't give a fuck”   “You don't need to know who I am. You don't need to know why I’m here”   [a rising crackling crescendo is heard]   “Your city is in my way. AND I need more soul coins. Tell me where you have your gear for the cursed desert, and I’ll let some of you live.”   [stammering is heard]   “I-i-i-i don't - we don't--”   “Ah. It’s over there, is it? Yes, I can see you glancing that way.”   [incredibly loud crackling energy is heard]   [a cacophony of roars is heard]   [ice crackling is heard]   “There wont be anyone left except my beast.”   [screams and roars are heard, among the destruction and crashing]   “Thank you, Dark One”  
  Crystal Eight
“How do we seriously not have an encryption team on this document yet? This happened so long ago”   [Rustling papers]   “No, I don't want to open a new expedition to Greenminster. Did you even read the document?”   “Fuck it, just put it down on the desk in the interstitial.”   [a door slams]  


Crystal Nine

“Hey there son. You really don't want to go in here, you know that right.”   “Yes but”   [soft wind is heard]   “Really. This place is entirely cursed. The stories aren't kidding”   “I know but”   “You've read the old records right?”   “Right…”   “And?”   “And… everyone that enters the town is unable to leave…”   “Correct.”   [trees and brushes rustle]   “But I just thought”   “STOP THINKING”   “I thought maybe I could reach the top! We’re so close!”   “Damnit, shut up, or I WILL seal you back in your house.”  

Crystal Ten

[sounds of crunching is heard]   [metal clinking on porcelain]   [unintelligible background conversations are occurring]   “So, you know if the elevator is complete yet?”   [a clunk of a cup being put down is heard]   “As far as I know, no. Mayor hasn't talked about it. Hey pass me the butter”   [a sliding sound is heard]   “I think they gotta get something from the tower anyways”   [Laughter]   “Yeah, good luck with that. No one’s been able to get there in what, 800 years?’   “814 actually. But mayor says he’s got a plan.”

  The crystals may be recorded over by using a Clockwork Bug , by fitting the crystal into the clockwork.


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