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Varaz Atyason

Varaz is one of the mages of The Hidden Guild of Uyor, committing his life to the search for power. Even at his young age, for a wizard, he's one of the most powerful of the rogue magicians, as he is blessed with great talent and even greater dedication. He's filled with a deep hate for the The Order of the Bloodknights and the dwarves as he blames both for all the hardship in his youth.


The dark haired slender man was born, in the year 983 AF, as the only son of a poor family living near Rashor. In a small hamlet between Rashor and the Elderwoods, Varaz' father, Atya, worked as a smith and his mother, Kany, was the healer of the town. While they didn't have much to live with, the family always managed to survive.
In his eleventh summer, a dwarf from the Endless Mountains moved into the small village, looking for a place to settle down and start his own smithy. Soon most of the hamlets residents preferred his craftsmanship to the work from Varaz' father, as it was cheaper and better. Not being able to care for his family with the work he loved, the aged man signed on to the guards of Rashor. While making good money, the work was dreadful and exhausted his old bones even more. One summer night, two years after he started working as a guardsman, Atya was patrolling the streets of the harbor town and got entangled into a fight between thieves. With his bad luck, the former smith got hit with a spear to the chest, dying almost immediately.
After Atyas death his mother needed to work more and often stayed up all night caring for the sick. With her having more clients, soon the word about Kany and her healing traveled far and somehow it even reached The Order's Watch. When Varaz was seventeen years old, a wizard of the order came into the village, looking for his mother. He accused her of using dark powers to control the life of the people around her, even as everyone told him, that Kany was just talented in the use of herbal medicine. After a few weeks he came back with many guards and imprisoned her, taking her away from her son and the village. She was never seen again.
Destroyed by grief and sadness, Varaz set out to find the power to avenge the wrongful deaths of his parents and left his home village for good.

Search for power

Following the death of both his parents, the young man traveled most of the continent, taking work wherever he could find it. But at the same time he was training his strength and reading every book on magic that he could find, absorbing every bit of knowledge. After a few years of living on the road, he was by chance back in Rashor for a job. One night, he saw a man on the street attacking a guard with a flaming sword, with just appeared above the poor soul. Then he knew, he finally found a lone wizard to start his revenge.
For a few days he followed the mysterious man around the town, looking for an opportunity to strike down his foe. Finally one dark night, he saw an opening and attacked the wizard in the streets. But to Varaz' surprise was his strike blocked by a magic shield, filling the air with poison as it was hit. His foe knew he was being followed and took precautions. Being weakened by the poison, he was no challenge for the wizard. Before finishing Varaz off, the magician asked why he was attacked. In his so thought last moment, Varaz let out all his hate and told his enemy everything, from the dwarf who wronged his father up to the wizard taking away his mother. Seeing his potential, the wizard spared his life and brought him to the hideout of his brothers, The Hidden Guild of Uyor. Here, after nursing him back to life, he asked what Varaz would do to get his revenge on the holy order.
This way Varaz had found at last what he was looking for, the possibility to obtain his long wanted power to take the fight to his enemy. For many years he was trained by the scorned wizards in Rashor, living in the hidden dark. After more than two decades, he had mastered his magical abilities, and was finally a full member of the guild. Now he started to do their hidden work, trying to infiltrate the holy order of Ras and to obtain even more power for him and his brothers.
Armor Class: 16 with armor, 12 without
Hitpoints: 32
STR: 15 DEX: 10 CON: 15 INT: 17 WIS: 12 CHA: 13
Skills: Perception +5, Arcana +9, Investigation +5, Deception +2, Intimidation +4
Senses: Passive Perception 17
Gear: Flaming sword (1d8 slashing damage + 1d6 fire damage), lesser amulet of Uyor (+1 power to all spells), healing potion (2d8 +2), fire potion (throwing at enemy, 1d12 fire damage) Spells: Dawn of Uyor, Defending Knives, Aegis of Poison, Arms of Uyor

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