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Double January: Day 16 - Moon

(See Author's Note: Double January for more details)  

January 16th - Take 1

  I made my first attempt. Even at that stage, I knew enough to be comfortable with the fact that I was likely going to fail. And I did. Not even as badly as I thought I might, so that was something. I failed to take the moon into account. Bunch of astronomy nerds ended up on the roof I was using for my entrance to observe the harvest moon.   To be fair, it was spectacular.  

January 16th - Take 2

  I did do more than just haunt myself during that month. There's quite a few things I haven't detailed in this accounting, robberies, a few pranks, a raid on what turned out to be a SIVIC hidey hole. Things like that.   I put in a lot of work on my plan, to be sure, but I did do a lot of things during that month. More than enough to put me on the radar of those larger organizations that followed my work much more closely after this incident.   And then there was Moon Princess, the "superhero" who I managed to get shut down because she was less of a hero and more of a bully demanding accolades from the public for things she didn't actually do. It really shouldn't have been that hard for anyone else to do it, since her social media pages were very obviously polished and more of a lifestyle setup than would be possible for someone actually saving lives.   So I took advantage of my status as a kid and a very intelligent person and I manipulated the situation in which she attempted an easy rescue and ended up having a full blown meltdown on local TV.


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