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Yinsalor Baeinid

Yinsalor Baenid, Mr

Yinsalor is an Elf merchant based out of the city of Havenport. He is a member of The Golden Hand Merchant Company and is often away from his home travelling.   He is married to Fáriel Baeinid, and is the father of Syl'vir Baeinid, both of whom he loves dearly. Yinsalor tries his best to be a good father, but struggles as he is seldom at home for long periods of time, and so does not know his only daughter very well. Due to Syl'vir's weak constituion and illness as a child, he has a tendency to be overly protective of her, confining her to the Baenid Manor grounds most of the time.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yinsalor was born to the Baenid family on the Elven continent of Bar'Oinur. While the rest of his family were well known and powerful warriors, Yinsalor was slight and weaker than most. In an effort to prove his usefulness to his family, he began studying from a young age, quickly proving himself adept at maths and languages, allowing him to become the family accountant at only twenty years of age.   And so it was for many years, Yinsalor managing the finances of his family until he was around two hundred years old, at which point he met his future wife, Fáriel Inafaran, a woman from a family even older than the Baenids, and the two fell in love almost at first sight. Yinsalor quickly proposed to the woman, who happily accepted, against the wishes of her family, and the two left the continent of Bar'Oinur for Eagos, ultimately ending up in the city of Havenport, where Yinsalor found his skills most useful in being a Merchant.


An elderly, yet still handsome elf man. Dotes on his daughter. Otherwise Stern.

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Baenid Coat of Arms
Current Status
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Year of Birth
2264 246 Years old
Current Residence
Baenid Estate
Light blue
Long, sleek, white
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