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Fáriel Baeinid

Elder of Noble Affairs (a.k.a. The Noble's Leash)

Fáriel Baeinid is an elf of timeless grace and ethereal beauty. Her golden hair is kept in a high bun, and her deep brown eyes sparkle with wisdom and keen observation. Fáriel's attire is a reflection of elven aesthetics, adorned with intricate patterns and subtle magical embellishments. Despite her regal appearance, Fáriel carries herself with a warmth that belies her diplomatic nature.  

Challenges and Decisions:

Fáriel faces the challenge of mediating between the traditional expectations of Havenport's noble houses and the evolving needs of the city. She must navigate intricate social landscapes, making decisions that balance the preservation of cultural heritage with the promotion of a more inclusive and egalitarian society.  

Interactions with Guilds:

In her role as an Elder, Fáriel collaborates with leaders from various guilds, such as the Merchant's Guild, Artisan's Guild, and others. She strives to ensure that the city's noble houses actively participate in the economic and cultural life of Havenport, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.  


Fáriel Baeinid envisions a legacy where the noble houses of Havenport contribute positively to the city's growth and cultural vibrancy. She hopes to inspire future leaders to embrace diplomacy, celebrate diversity, and ensure that the traditions of the nobility harmonize with the ever-evolving tapestry of Havenport's identity.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hailing from a distinguished elven lineage, Fáriel Baeinid's family has a history of contributing to diplomatic endeavors and cultural exchanges within Strathnora. Fáriel was sent to Havenport as part of a diplomatic party, where she met her now husband, Yinsalor Baeinid, an elven Merchant. The two quickly fell in love and were married, much to the chagrin of her family, who had plans for her to marry a member of a powerful allied family.   Before assuming the role of Elder of Noble Affairs, Fáriel served as a cultural ambassador, building connections between elven communities and the city at large.


Role as Elder:
As the Elder of Noble Affairs, Fáriel is responsible for overseeing matters related to Havenport's nobility, diplomacy with neighboring realms, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Her role involves navigating complex social dynamics and ensuring that the city's noble traditions harmonize with the needs of its diverse populace.

Intellectual Characteristics

Fáriel is known for her diplomatic finesse, cultural awareness, and dedication to fostering positive relations among Havenport's diverse communities. She possesses a serene demeanor, approaching challenges with patience and a genuine desire to understand the perspectives of others. Fáriel values the importance of tradition and seeks to bridge the gap between elven heritage and the evolving dynamics of the city.

Morality & Philosophy

Fáriel believes in a leadership philosophy grounded in cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. She seeks to unite Havenport's nobility with the broader community, fostering an environment where each resident, regardless of background, feels a sense of belonging. Fáriel values diplomacy as a powerful tool for resolving conflicts and building enduring alliances.


Beautiful Elven woman. Is part of a highly regarded Elven Noble family. Married her husband for love, rather than power or money.

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Lawful Good
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Year of Birth
2309 201 Years old
Current Residence
The Baenid Estate
Blonde, well kept, held in a bun
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