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The Havenport Conglomerate

The Havenport Conglomerate is the main ruling power of the city of Havenport, and is made up of representatives for the various factions, organizations, Guilds and other groups that call the city home. Founded in 867 AoM (Age of Magic), the Conglomerate started with only five members, representing the Church, the townsfolk, Merchants, workers and, of course, Huppledruff's Arcane University. Today the Conglomerate has more than several dozen members, each of whom are seen as equals while within the walls of the Council Meeting Hall that is inside the Keep.  

Functions and Responsibilities:

  Policy Making:
The Conglomerate is responsible for crafting and implementing policies that govern various aspects of Havenport's functioning, including trade regulations, magical practices, cultural initiatives, and labor laws.   City Planning:
Planning and development of the city's infrastructure, including the construction of buildings, roads, and public spaces. The Conglomerate ensures that Havenport remains a well-organized and thriving metropolis.   Crisis Management:
During times of crisis, such as natural disasters or security threats, the Conglomerate takes swift and coordinated action to protect the city and its residents. This includes mobilizing resources, coordinating emergency responses, and making strategic decisions for the well-being of the populace.   Cultural Promotion:
The Conglomerate actively promotes and supports cultural initiatives, festivals, and events that contribute to the vibrancy of Havenport. This includes the encouragement of artistic endeavors, magical exhibitions, and celebrations that reflect the city's diverse heritage.  


  Balancing Interests:
The diverse composition of the Conglomerate requires delicate navigation to balance the interests of merchants, scholars, religious leaders, artisans, and naval commanders.   Crisis Coordination:
Coordinating responses during crises demands efficient communication and collaboration among the members, ensuring that decisions are made swiftly to safeguard the city.   Cultural Harmony:
Fostering cultural harmony among the various sectors of Havenport can be challenging. The Conglomerate must address cultural differences and ensure that policies are inclusive and equitable for all residents.   The Havenport Conglomerate stands as a testament to the success of collaborative governance, where leaders from different sectors join forces to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the city and its residents.


Leadership Structure:

  Consul of the Conglomerate:
The highest-ranking official, elected by the members of the Conglomerate. The Consul serves as the presiding leader, facilitating discussions, making tie-breaking decisions, and representing Havenport in diplomatic matters.   Council of Elders:
A group of seasoned and influential members from each sector, providing guidance and expertise to the Consul. The Council of Elders plays a crucial advisory role in major decisions.   The Council of the Elders is comprised of individuals from many different groups, such as:   Merchant Lords:
Influential leaders of Havenport's thriving trade and commerce. These individuals represent the economic interests of the city, overseeing trade routes, markets, and business regulations. Their focus is on maintaining a prosperous and bustling economy.   Arcane Magisters:
Respected wizards and scholars, including the likes of Arcade Huppledruff, who contribute their magical expertise to the governance of the city. They play a crucial role in decision-making related to magical practices, education, and the regulation of arcane affairs.   Faith Keepers:
Representatives of various religious orders, tasked with ensuring the peaceful coexistence of diverse faiths in Havenport. They contribute to discussions on matters of ethics, morality, and the well-being of the city's spiritual communities.   Guildmasters:
Leaders of influential guilds and artisan organizations, responsible for the city's craftsmanship, labor, and skilled trades. They advocate for the rights and interests of workers, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and the promotion of artistic endeavors.   Naval Commanders:
Experienced maritime leaders responsible for the protection of Havenport's shores and the management of the city's naval forces. They oversee naval operations, trade routes by sea, and the defense of the city against maritime threats.

Public Agenda

The Conglomerate aims to build and maintain a better Havenport, always acting in what they believe to be the best interest of the majority.  

Cultural Impact:

  Symbol of Unity:
The Havenport Conglomerate is seen as a symbol of unity, reflecting the collaborative spirit that defines the city. Its inclusive governance structure represents the diverse tapestry of Havenport's populace.   Inspiration for Leadership:
The leadership model of the Conglomerate inspires other cities and regions, showcasing the benefits of diverse leadership in fostering a thriving and harmonious community.


The Conglomerate occupies a grand hall in the Keep of Havenport, and handles the use and distribution of the city's resources as they see fit. Each representative, or Councillor, manages the resources given to their organizations, and helps provide resources to other groups that they may lack.


Founded in 867 of the Age of Magic, the Conglomerate started as a gathering of five individuals each representing one of the major factions within the growing city.   As time passed, more groups emerged or were formed, requesting, or in some cases demanding, a seat on the Conglomerate.   Today the Conglomerate has over a dozen members, each representing a different group, including, but not limited to, the Nobles of Havenport, the various Guilds, the Church, the Havenport Guard, and even Mercantile organizations such as The Golden Hand.

Of the People, For the People, By the People

Founding Date
867 AoM (2455)
Geopolitical, City council
Ruling Organization
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Economic System
Market economy
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