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Urvol Banetusk

Lieutenant Urvol Banetusk, Mr (a.k.a. The Guard's Green Dog)

Urvol stands at an imposing 6 feet 5 inches, bearing the distinctive features of both orc and human ancestry. His skin is a deep olive tone, and prominent orcish tusks protrude from his lower jaw. Despite the intimidating appearance, Urvol's emerald eyes exude a calm and contemplative demeanor. His red hair is kept in neat dreadlocks, and a series of tribal tattoos, marking his orcish heritage, adorn his arms and neck.   In his Havenport Guard uniform, Urvol's muscular physique is evident. He carries a large greataxe on his back, a weapon that he wields with precision and power when the need arises.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Master of the Greataxe: Urvol wields a massive greataxe with precision, his combat style blending orcish ferocity with strategic finesse. His strikes are powerful and calculated.
Endurance and Resilience: Urvol's half-orc heritage grants him enhanced endurance and resilience, allowing him to endure physical strain and recover quickly from injuries sustained in the line of duty.
Charismatic Leadership: Urvol leads with a charismatic and approachable demeanor, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the Havenport Guard. His ability to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds is a key strength.
Conflict Resolution: Urvol excels at conflict resolution, using his imposing presence and calm demeanor to mediate disputes. His diplomatic skills contribute to maintaining order within the Guard and the city.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the outskirts of Havenport to an orcish warrior and a human healer, Urvol grew up navigating the challenges of being a half-orc in a predominantly human city. He joined the Havenport Guard as a means to contribute positively to his community, quickly rising through the ranks due to his strength, leadership qualities, and sense of justice.   Urvol's journey is a testament to his determination to prove that individuals of mixed heritage can be valuable assets in the protection of Havenport.

Intellectual Characteristics

Urvol is characterized by a strong sense of justice, tempered by a gentle and compassionate side. Known for his unwavering loyalty to the residents of Havenport, he is a calming influence among the Guard. Urvol believes in leading by example and often acts as a mediator during disputes, using his imposing presence to diffuse tension.

Morality & Philosophy

Despite occasional prejudices faced due to his half-orc lineage, Urvol remains steadfast in his commitment to serve and protect Havenport. His open-mindedness and willingness to bridge cultural gaps make him a respected figure within the city.

Personality Characteristics


Urvol's primary motivation is to ensure the safety and well-being of the people of Havenport. His commitment to justice and equality fuels his efforts to protect the city from internal and external threats. He seeks to break down barriers and stereotypes associated with his mixed heritage, proving that everyone, regardless of their lineage, can contribute positively to society.

Personality Quirks

Urvol has a deep appreciation for the arts, particularly poetry. Despite his intimidating exterior, he enjoys attending cultural events and is known to compose orcish ballads that reflect on his experiences and aspirations.


Mor Titanfist

Captain (Important)

Towards Urvol Banetusk



Urvol Banetusk

Lieutenant (Important)

Towards Mor Titanfist



Urvol Banetusk

Friend (Important)

Towards Aurelia Skampi



Aurelia Skampi

Friend (Important)

Towards Urvol Banetusk



Nicknames & Petnames

Urv, Aura

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They are both non-humans in positions of power within the Havenport Guard.

Shared Secrets

Both know that Mor Titanfist is planning on retiring soon.

Lawful Asshole
Current Location
Year of Birth
2488 22 Years old
Current Residence
Havenport Guard Barracks Private Room
Emerald green with black sclera
Long red dreadlocks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive green
Aligned Organization
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