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Shadows over Havenport



Crime Scene Investigation: The adventurers explore the crime scene in Professor Veridex's study, discovering clues, magical wards, and signs of a struggle. Ellefir Starstrider explains the significance of the magical wards and their disturbance.   Interviews: The adventurers interview key witnesses, including Professor Veridex's colleagues, students, and the cleaning staff. Each interview unveils potential motives and conflicting alibis.


The Missing Ingredient: Professor Veridex was working on an experimental potion, and a crucial ingredient is missing from her study. The adventurers follow the trail to local alchemical shops, uncovering potential motives for theft.

Rising Action

Hidden Agendas: The investigation reveals that Professor Veridex was involved in a secret project. Uncovering this project leads to hidden chambers beneath Huppledruff's and a shadowy organization interested in her research.


Showdown: The adventurers confront the murderer, a former student driven by a thirst for magical power. The final confrontation takes place in the hidden chambers, where the murderer attempts to complete Professor Veridex's experiment.


The adventurers apprehend the murderer, ensuring justice is served. Captain Mor Titanfist expresses gratitude for their discretion and skill. Depending on their choices, the adventurers may also earn the respect or suspicion of Huppledruff's Arcane University.  


Gold and Magical Items: A reward from Captain Mor Titanfist for solving the murder.
Favor with Huppledruff's: Depending on the outcome, the adventurers may gain access to special resources or services from the university.
Contacts in Havenport: Positive or negative relationships with key NPCs, influencing future interactions in Havenport.



A prominent alchemist and scholar, Professor Octavia Veridex, has been found murdered in her study within Huppledruff's Arcane University. The Havenport Guard has sealed off the area, and Captain Mor Titanfist seeks the assistance of skilled adventurers to solve the murder mystery discreetly.


The adventurers are approached by a nervous acolyte of Huppledruff's Arcane University, begging for their assistance. The murder threatens to cast a shadow over the university, and the acolyte fears it will jeopardize the delicate balance between the mundane and magical aspects of Havenport.



The coastal city of Havenport, a bustling hub known for its maritime trade and magical university. The city is bathed in a perpetual twilight due to the nearby Haftbreaker Mountains. The Havenport Guard, led by Captain Mor Titanfist, maintains law and order, while Huppledruff's Arcane University stands as a symbol of magical knowledge.
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