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Cecilia Ring

Elder of Faith (a.k.a. Cardinal Ring)

Born to a lesser noble family, Cecilia was given to the church at the age of five, she was raised within the halls and corridos of the Gande Cathedal, leaning all she could about the building and its pupose alongside her other lessons in Religion, Politics and administrative work. She proved to be incredibly smart and absorbed all she was taught quickly, allowing her to become one of the youngest ever Priestesses in the city. After years of service, she became a Cardinal, and was chosen to represent the Church on the ruling council of Havenport, The Havenport Conglomerate. Now she does all she can to ensure that the city remains dedicated to the gods, not falling too far into debauchery or sin.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Small eyebrows and a mole under her left eye.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Given to the Church at the age of five, Cecilia grew up in the halls and corridors of The Grande Cathedral alongside a number of other children that were under the care of the Church. She proved to be exceptionally smart, and just as devout, absorbing all information she was given and attending nearly every ceremony or prayer that she could.   As she grew up, Cecilia found herself quickly out-pacing her contemporaries in both knowledge and piousness, finding herself as one of the youngest Priestesses of the Church at the age of fifteen. She continued to serve the Church for many years, until she was eventually chosen to represent it on The Havenport Conglomerate. Now she strives to keep the city of Havenport clean of any dark influences, while still upholding her duties as a Cardinal to the Church.

Personality Characteristics


Cecilia wishes to convert the city of Havenport into a religious centre of the continent of Eagos, a task that is proving difficult due to the influence of Huppledruff's Arcane University.


Contacts & Relations

Cecilia has numerous contacts within the Church and various other religious oganizations acoss the continent of Eagos.
Lawful Good
Current Status
Current Location
Year of Birth
2448 62 Years old
Current Residence
The Grande Cathedral
Long, sleek, and blonde. Held up in a simple ponytail.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Other Affiliations

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