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Cattletown is the main lower-class residential district in Mezrillia, characterized by modest homes, narrow streets, and a vibrant, close-knit community. The district is home to laborers, farmers, and service workers who contribute to the daily functioning of Mezrillia. While lacking the opulence of the Upper-class districts, Cattletown embodies a resilient and hardworking spirit.  

Cultural Significance:

Cattletown represents the backbone of Mezrillia, with its residents playing essential roles in supporting the city's infrastructure and daily life. Despite facing economic challenges, the district exudes a sense of community pride and resilience. Cattletown residents are known for their strong work ethic, resourcefulness, and the ability to find joy and camaraderie in their shared experiences. The district's cultural significance lies in its contribution to Mezrillia's overall vitality and the diverse tapestry of the city's population.


Row Houses and Apartments:
Cattletown is composed of row houses and apartments, providing affordable housing for its residents. The architecture is functional and practical, with an emphasis on maximizing space to accommodate the district's population.   Public Markets:
Public markets in Cattletown offer a variety of affordable goods, from fresh produce to everyday essentials. These markets serve as central hubs where residents can purchase necessities and engage in local commerce.   Community Wells and Gathering Spaces:
Community wells and gathering spaces are scattered throughout Cattletown. Residents often congregate around these communal areas, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for the district's well-being.   Local Taverns and Inns:
Local taverns and inns cater to the social needs of Cattletown residents. These establishments provide affordable food and drink, serving as meeting places for friends and neighbors to unwind after a day's work.   Craftsmen and Artisans:
Skilled craftsmen and artisans have workshops in Cattletown, producing goods ranging from handmade furniture to practical tools. The district's residents take pride in their craftsmanship, contributing to the local economy.   Schools and Community Centers:
Schools and community centers in Cattletown provide education and resources to the district's children. These institutions play a crucial role in empowering the younger generation and fostering a sense of hope for the future.   Religious Shrines:
Religious shrines and places of worship are scattered throughout Cattletown, providing spiritual support to the residents. The district's inhabitants often participate in community rituals and events that strengthen their bonds.
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