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Ailen Sarna

Ailen Sarna (a.k.a. Aily)

A stoic but caring fighter, Ailen is a young Royalty member sent to Havenport to act as a diplomat and representative for their people, the Azarketi, also known as Neptunians. However, due to the lesser known nature of their species, Ailen has had difficulties getting in contact with the ruling council of the city, The Havenport Conglomerate, and so has been forced to join the Havenport Adventurers Guild in order to gain a suitable amount of fame and reputation so as to be able to one day meet with the council.   Born as a form of royalty among her people, Ailen is considedred a prime member of their species, able to breath in both water and air. They are also a prodigious warrior, able to easily use most weapons, and adapt to almost any kind of fight. They were chosen to be the representative for their people due to their calm demeanor and accomodating personality, as well was their ability to adapt to situations and quick thinking skills.   Ailen deeply misses their home and family, suffering from home sickness quite often, and talks about their people and city to anyone who will listen. Their favorite thing to talk about is their younger sibling, a young boy named Titan, who is thought to be the next reincarnation of the legendary Neptunian Hero Gorzan.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ailen is well built, with defined muscles and good dexterity.

Body Features

A set of three gills on their neck that allows them to breath water.

Facial Features

Ailen has a traditional facial tattoo in the form of stylized seaweed and coral on the left side of their face, a mark of royalty amongst their people.

Identifying Characteristics

Coral pink hair, sea green skin, and white irises.

Special abilities

Water breathing. The need to return to/submerse themselves in water at least once every twenty-four hours.

Apparel & Accessories

While Ailen forst arrived in traditional Neptunian garb of woven seaweed and shells, they quickly adopted a more common surface style, though they still keep most of their original outfit, particularly the shells and coral beads, as ornaments and mementos to remind them of home.

Specialized Equipment

A coral and bone trident.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the current ruler of the city of Neptune, Ailen was doted on more than most children of their people. Rather than being cared for and allowed to relax, however, this saw them being put through rigorous training in order to make them as strong as possible. This meant that they seldom had chances to play or make friends with others their age, rather mostly interacting with adults, leading to them becoming far more mature than most their age quickly.   At the age of twenty-four, they were selecteed by their mother to become a diplomat of their people to the surface dwellers, being sent to the city of Havenport in order to meet with the ruling council. However, due to the lack of knowledge of their species, Ailen was denied a meeting with The Havenport Conglomerate, and forced to find their own way in the new and strange surface city.   Rather than mope, they quickly found a place amongst the ranks of the Havenport Adventurers Guild as a  Junior Member, finding a newly formed party that welcomed them with open arms. Now they adventure with this group in order to gain enough fame and renown to be allowed to meet with the ruling council of the city and finally complete her task as a diplomat and representative.

Gender Identity

Like many Neptunians, Ailen does not understand the majority of gender roles the land dwellers have, as their species tend to see each other as equals in almost all ways, regardless of sex or gender. This lack of understanding has led to many humorous, or embarrassing, situations where the Neptunian has blatantly asked questions that have stumped or confused their friends and party.


Ailen treats their sexuality as any Neptunian would; they seek out a strong mate and inquire as to if they would like to breed. Ailen themself has yet to have a child, as few of her people have been deemed powerful or worthy enough of her royal heritage to garner her interest.


Ailen currently works as an Adventurer for the Havenport Adventurers Guild, being a member of Neptunian royalty before that.

Mental Trauma

Ailen suffers from deep home sickness, often falling into a depression that can last days or even weeks. This has been alieviated somewhat since joining their current party, who enjoy listening to them recount stories and facts about their home city and its people.

Morality & Philosophy

Like all Neptunians, Ailen believes in the survival of the fittest, seeing death and defeat as a necessary part of life. While they will happily defeat anyone against which they are faced, they will seldom kill other sentient people, something of a taboo for their people, as their population is low and they cannot afford to have their numbers reduced any further.


Killing sentient species.

Personality Characteristics


To get a meeting with The Havenport Conglomerate to tell them of their people and complete the task given to them by their mother so they can return home.


Contacts & Relations

Ailen knows most of the Havenport Adventurers Guild Junior Members, and is being trained by Borov Borovski, a Senior Member of the Guild.

Religious Views

As with all Neptunians, Ailen reveres and worships the legendary Hero Gorzan, who is said to reincarnate every century.

A quiet and refined warrior. Is in Havenport as an attempted Diplomat. She misses her home greatly and will take any excuse to talk about it.

Character Location
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Neutral Good
Current Status
On a diplomatic mission from her people
Current Location
Year of Birth
2486 24 Years old
Current Residence
Havenport Adventurers Guild Dormitories
Emerald green with white irises
Short, curly, coral pink
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sea green
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Alghollthu, Elvish

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