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Borov Borovski

Borov Borovski (a.k.a. The Blunt Axe)

Hailing from the Borovski Clan of the continent of Folketshjem, Borov Borovski is a valiant and powerful warrior known for his great feats of strength and the massive greataxe named Belinda he carries with him at all times. While he is widely known thoughout Havenport for his love of fighting and tendency to not hold back in any conflict, he is a humble and kind man, and currently works primarily as a Trainer for the Havenport Adventurers Guild.   Growing up in the harsh environment of the icy lands, Borov is hardy and strong, like most of his Clan, and is very blunt in his words, with most societal norms and things like tact and sarcasm often being lost on him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely well muscled and large.

Facial Features

A glorious and well kept beard.

Identifying Characteristics

The massive Greataxe named Belinda that he almost always carries with him.

Specialized Equipment

Belinda, a massive Greataxe.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Borov Borovski was born to the Borovski CLan on the mostly frozen continent of Folketshjem, where his people are known for fighting back the Giant menace that has claimed most of the continent.   Borov came to Eagos after a Giant raiding party caused him to get separated from his Clan, the massive creatures hurling him into the freezing ocean after capturing him and several others of his Clan. He was picked up by a trade ship heading back to Havenport after drifting for almost a month, survivng by eating the flesh of any sea beast that tried to eat him in turn.   Once in Havenport, the lost Clansman sought out the strongest people he could, quickly coming to the Havenport Adventurers Guild, where he cemented himself as a powerful Adventurer and adept fighter.   It has been years since Borov has returned to his homeland, but he is content to stay in Havenport, as there is an abundance of good ale and fights for him to partake in.

Gender Identity

Borov is a Man, a manly Man, with rippling muscles and a love for ale and fighting. While this is common amongst his own people, he can come off as overbearingly masculine to some people.


Borov is essentially Pansexual, as his culture never bothered to discriminate who a person loved, because they were too busy fighting Giants and didn't see a point in doing so.


Currently a Senior Adventurer of the Havenport Adventurers Guild, where he helps train younger Adventurers for extra pay.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Killing a Giant on his own at age eighteen.
Surviving for a month on the open ocecan.

Failures & Embarrassments

Being thrown into the sea by the Giant raiders and losing touch with his Clan.

Morality & Philosophy

Borov is a simple man, all he wants is a strong ale and a good fight. Regardless of whether he wins or loses.


Borov has a number of strange Cultural Taboos, though few know what they are until after they have commited them, often leading to Borov challenging them to a fight to rectify the situation.
Duelist Greataxe by Elden Ring
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Teaching at the Havenport Adventurers Guild
Current Location
Year of Birth
2462 48 Years old
Current Residence
Havenport Adventurers Guild Dormitories
Ice blue and piercing
Long, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Borov is arrived!"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

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