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Paranis Sector

The Paranis Sector is generally represented as the main part of one of the south-east branch of the Zipton Galaxy including few star systems . It is also the home of a majority of the One-Man-Army peoples in the galaxy upon the Reforging Period.   META

The Paranis Sector is also obviously the most worked sector of the universe upon the Creation of the universe, as the amount of sapient and sentient races is exceptionally large, with a huge amount of Melenis Artifacts.


  The Paranis Sector is divided into 3 major parts and 3 minor ones :  
  • Neuralgic Center

    This main place, but also the birth place of most sapient and sentient races of the Paranis Sector, is the zone between Tinerika and Kerinag. This zone obviously includes major planets of History such as Oxelis, Sorakarios, Etiopj or Sancta. This line of planets also define the main economy and politics centers of the Kharises and Humans.

  • Top Quarters

    The Top Quarters are basically the first systems to be colonized as they seemed richer on mineral resources and such secondary aspects such as extremely effective emplacement to develop the civilizations on both economical and demographic sides. This zone include a big triangle between Dira, Opafis and Cejefen. From this expansion, some civilizations are born, including for example the Steyfords, the Consortium but also the Urtovians. In addition to be the birth of some factions, it is also the place of working of a majority of industries, keeping them away from the neuralgic center.

  • Bottoms Peripherals

    The Bottoms Peripherials, from the wider zone under the Neuralgic Center are composed of numerous star systems more or less far from each other, making interplanetary and interstellar work harder. Only because of this, the expansion to the Top Quarters has been largely prioritized onto this zone, as well to the fact that mineral work is clearly richer on this primer. Otherwise, it is also the main zone of working of Cortes company, working as a gatherer of the raw resources (mainly Tarkoïds, and organical products such as vegetables, fruits, meats.)

    — Extract of the answer to a funds requests to expand work zones for pushing extractions of the asteroïds surrounding Sjodaheinh on 2086

  • Life Worlds

    The Life Worlds are as they name indicate worlds fulfilled of life, as they are the birth places of the Priases for the northern part, the Daleneïs on the bottom one. In this zone, more than 60% of the livable grounds on telluric planets are overwhelmed by jungles, and numerous exotic and/or dangerous faun. The planets of the Life Worlds are often neglected because of their danger, but also for their relative distance from the Neuralgic Center. This includes the top left pentagon made of Dimitr, Todelky, Phenon, Jyudan and Achaote, but also Savagary.

  • Northern Peripherals

    In opposition to the Top Quarters, the Northern Peripherals even being in continuity of these last are clearly less used than other zones for the same reasons as the Bottoms Peripherals : Far, poor minerals resources. But in addition of these 2 major defaults, there are not a lot of telluric planets both livable and useful. More importantly, since the Cybnios project started to take its place on most zones upward since the start of it.  
    Interviewer : But, can I ask you something ? Why not going on peripheral zones, such as the beautiful beaches on Pelvohus, into the Plenloys star system ?
    Bystander : Plenloys ? Meh, too far pal ! If I live, it's not to be far away from all civilization or miss those amazing Active Energetic Tennis !
    Interviewer : Even for like 250 Cronas a night ? Peoples there are nice.
    Bystander : : Well, it's a bit different.. Still it's far away pal ! I don't think my wife would like a travel that long !
    — Extract from an interview on the zones of relocation, 2378

  • Out Stars

    The Out Stars like their name literally mean, include all stars not in the main branch of the galaxy, including key zones such as Cyb which exposes a huge influence on the north main branch, but also Gelasius which is a large Grimms colony. Otherwise, we can also include the north pack of 5 stars, totally unused until now. More further and weird for most, the sector and this zone also include Arcturus on the extreme north east of the sector.


  Through History, there were multiple states of the world's influences, evolving through wars and agreements. Until -1385 PA, there were no interstellar influences. But, until 113 and the Grimms split from the Pure Kharises, the space expansion was heavily pushed up.  



Pure Kharises

Formerly Antique Kharises until 113
More detailled article : Pure Kharises
The first main Kharises civilization, following the Psionic Energy and Magiinaa ways of working for most of their technology. They are also the oldest civilization, since they born from the Antique Kharises, and took up most of their aspects. At the opposite of the Grimms, they are the most on helping clearly weaker civilizations to progress and evolve. Thanks to them, Humans were able to grow wisely extremely fast with important values, including honor (The most important Kharis valor), progress and unity.  


More detailled article : Grimms
The second main Kharises civilization, using Grimmis instead others energies, born from the 113 Splits, following Archos'Vagal in a huge exodus. Instead of the Pure Kharises, they built up a entire new style, made of massive, detailed structures made of black, white and red colors. Most of their buildings are made of stone, but are extremely well worked than to the precision of Grimmis 4th Step, and are greater users of Graphilis than the others Kharises due to the possibilities of the Grimmis. Additionally, they are the creators of the Grimmz.  


More detailled article : CSUN
The biggest human civilization, an aegis over 7 major countries, including more than 80% of the human population of the Paranis Sector. Originally made of only 3 countries, the CSUN expanded to a point of its influence zones are as big as the Pure Kharises one, but still under them on a technological aspect. Like most human, they don't have a regular building style, which varies a lot through places, ages or simply available resources. They are largely known for the order they create into the human civilization, even if the Priases seems to trouble this order and balance..  


More detailled article : Aferchites
Race created in early 700 using Afernaza's essence, while defending himself against humans in jail. Since his liberation he fleed in Arcturus solar system, with his creations. Until Priases rise, they were the most fearful threat throughout the sector, reaching almost a trillion being, with the strangest creatures seen, but also the most polyvalent arsenal within the Sector. Since their awake in 2402 the terror of a biological warfare between Priases and Aferchites are very strong.  


More detailled article : Priases
Xeno race created by Pok'Rias in the 25th century. Contrary to the Aferchites, they only think about their survival, and their rise created a huge howl which spread to the entire sector, many thought that Aferchites were awaken was due to the Prias rise through the sector. They are very powerful creature much less numerous than the Aferchites, but their precisely millimitered modelization with technical principles, or flux based materials uses make them a huge threat to deal, even for the simplest one.  


More detailled article : Grimmz
A Grimmis based race created during the First Great War by the first Chained Ones, and Archos'Vagal. The time permitted to be more numerous and polyvalent. Before Aneant'Yr's death, a special Grimmz appeared and nowadays, theories says that the Commorts, were from them. Nowadays, they are a versatile society with many creatures or beings, some of them more humanoid than others, with an arsenal based on Grimmis, worked Basalt and Obsidian (main accessible resource of their worlds), and huge spells. They are mainly on Arleria and Altera.

All sapient races inside the Paranis Sector :  
Star System Sector

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