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Aescere Hast Wreck

The wreck of the Aescere Hast lies in the space between the star of Blarheimr and the proto-solar system of Eymolsaïl. It lies in 9 main pieces of kilometers themselves dislocated into millions parts apart. The core parts are still largely recognizable with many preserved interiors, despite its deterioration and the damage it sustained because of the violent energetic disturbances in the shipwreck zones. In contrast, the stern is completely ruined, burned, deformed by the tension of the original shock. A debris field around the wreck contains hundreds, thousands of billions of items spilled from the ship as it exploded. The bodies of the passengers and crew would have also been distributed across the space, but most would have been consumed by the blast of the core, harvested by Pure Kharises or simply scavengers.    


  The Hast sank in 2289, when it collided with an unknown projectile volley during a touristic trip to Eymolsaïl, the unique actual proto-solar system in the Paranis sector. The wreck could not be located at the time and was not discovered until 2290. Numerous expeditions tried to travel through the peripheral zone in the hope of spotting it, but were unsuccessful as it was outside of it. The wreck was finally located by a huge wave of Cortes ships in an expedition led by Argo'Kante and Kughith from the Black Hole Institution. The wreck has been the focus of intense interest since its discovery and has been visited by numerous expeditions, including salvage operations which have controversially recovered thousands of items which have been conserved and put on public display for the most interesting and harmless ones.   Over the years after her sinking, many impractical, expensive and often physically impossible schemes have been put forward to pacify the dangerosity and a part of the wreck from her unstable resting place. They have included ideas such as sending billions of drones to disassemble the wreck, but the cost should be extremely high for nothing, or basically retrieving the wreck. However, the wreck is far too fragile to be raised and is now protected by a the Treaty of the Interracial Limits.  


  Because of the randomness of the wreckage shapes, and the unstable energy wandering in the zone, the Aescere Hast is extremely dangerous, as only a misplacement can make you, your crew and your entire ship to burn, explode instantly. Also, it's totally illegal to explore the shipwreck because of the TIL veto on it.  


  The Aescere Hast was a world-scale ship, which has been originally created as a "portable/moving hub of trading" by rich Pure Kharises. Deviated from the Celestial Aerk and Aerk Polydore models it evolved into a place we can compare to a space moving citadel. This impressing mega structure was hard to describe without exhausting the vocabulary of synonyms of "big", for whatever domains.  
On the yearly AETL AE Tennis tournament, on 2289, something happened. There were millions projectiles made of Psionic Energy exploding, burning, consuming the shields and the hull of the Aescere Hast from both inside and outside. On first minutes of the assault, peoples weren't paying attention in the Stadium Victoria, but when a big part of the top external hull crashed on 80% of the stadium, killing thousands peoples. There was a huge silence, then explosions started to chain through the ship, screams were fusing, weaponry was activating, sounds of psionic beams and missiles were fusing near, around, on peoples. More importantly, a huge fog, a thick, green and fat fog was appearing from the back of the ship. Then.. Well. It's easy to understand that this escalated quickly into a huge explosion of Grenadium and energy.
— Mainly recognized hypothesis from the Black Hole Institution about the destruction of the Aescere Hast

Death Count :

  • 1 897 458 peoples officially dead.
  • Only 12 896 corpses retrieved.

Cost to Cortes :

  • Depts to families : 600 000 Cronas per individuals
  • Loss of Income + Investment to clean up and contain : 24 650 058 479 Cronas since 2289 to 2476
  • Causing a disaster : 300 000 000 Cronas amend to the TIL
Total : A minimal of 1 163 424 millions Cronas
Aescere Hast Wreck
— Artwork of a part of the Aescere Wreck, extremely troubled space because of the surrounding energy.

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11 Jul, 2018 21:58

Ignoring the obvious code mishaps (overview section and the end quote), you've got a strong article here. What an incredible loss of life!

11 Jul, 2018 22:10

Thanks ! Edited a first time on posting, but forgotten to edit that ! xD If you wanna know, there were bigger loss of life in history of Stellaria ^^

11 Jul, 2018 21:58

Very mysterious, I wonder what the true story is behind the vessels disappearance! A captivating read and your formatting is good.   You do have a broken tooltip though in your overview you might want to look at.   Great job

11 Jul, 2018 22:12

Thanks ! Like said upward I had already edited a first time on posting, but forgotten to edit that ! xD The true story will be probably revealed on a future article, it's one of the aspect of Stellaria I really barely developed, so or it will be on a lightning article probably or in a long time ^^

11 Jul, 2018 22:17

The artwork of the wreck is really nice, and gives the sense that this event really affected the world (instead of being another Thing That Happened in a series of Things That Happened).
Also, wow, 1,897,458 people? What happened to the corpses that weren't retrieved?
This feels a lot like a Titanic-sinking kind of event, is there media (movies/books/etc.) about the wreck? Or is it too soon to have those kinds of things popping up?

12 Jul, 2018 13:37

First, thanks for your deep review ! The unretrieved corpses for most may have been consumed by the explosion of the core (Energetic-based and Grenidium-based huge explosions are really powerful and can melt things habitually very hard to melt, such as Rhenium or Osmium)... But perhaps some bodies have disappeared/retrieved out of knowledge ? (I keep that misty :p).   About the Titanic-sinking.. Wanna laugh ? I inspired myself of the impact of the Titanic sinking in our world to write this up :p About movies or books, probably, but didn't thinked about that, I will probably develop that I think.

12 Jul, 2018 02:31

God. I could only imagine how horrifying the last moments of the ship would be. I get the feeling that it happened so fast most people who died didn't even know what hit them. But I wonder if there was anyone who was aware, even for just a split second, of what was coming, and I can't help but think of how they must have felt in that moment.

12 Jul, 2018 13:39

Thanks for this review ! It was one of the main objective of this article to place that horrifying, fast-paced destruction uhuh. About the person(s) who were aware.. Perhaps ? I won't answer that uhuh.