Gravity 1,2 g
Radius 7000 km
Day Length 20 h 47 m
Surface Temperature Min -70 Mean 16 Max 60
Moons 3 - Vanar Minor 1, Vanar Minor 2, Vanar Minor 3
Government Vanar Provisional Government
Affiliation Systems Alliance
Population Approx. 70.000

The closest the Shiloh system has to a civilized planet, Vanar society is largely centered around the central city of Westfold and the surrounding farmlands. While Westfold itself is much akin to metropoli in more densely populated systems, the surrounding cities are largely agricultural and rural.
Vanar is a wind-swept planet with wide plains with rough grass, nestled between majestic mountain ranges which geographical research suggests weren't created by tectonic activity but the result of either severe meteorite bombardment or a long forgotten orbital bombardment. Whatever the reason, the soil is fertile and the mountain ranges protect from the storms battering the rest of the planet, with windspeeds reaching towards 1000 km/h.
Vanar's Provisional Government is an extension of the Westfold mayoral office, with the government overseen by a Provisional Governor, Eirik Nettle, assisted by a Provisional Chamber of Council. While the government is still rather limited, it has managed to maintain law and order in Westfold and the nearest farms, although their law keepers seldom make it to the outer farms.
Vanar is also home to the main office of the Orion Group, which houses the most state of the art medical facilities the system can offer.


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