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The Antechamber is a ceremonial room for young members of the Life Factory as a part of their Path Selection ritual into adulthood.

Purpose / Function

The room serves to provide an Initiate with all the necessary information about the current roles of the factory and responsibilities of adulthood. The walls are adorned with historical figures of the factory, meant to inspire the Antechamber's occupant. However, by the time Path Selection occurs, most 18-year olds have already made their decisions with their families before hand. Still, there is a fireplace, stool, and full-sized mirror to provide comfort and encourage reflection.


The Antechamber is named so because it is actually a buffer between the Life Factory itself and the outside world. A weathered circular door, called the Portal, is located on the far side of the room, only unlockable by a hanging key on the Path Selection mural. Though no one ever uses the Portal, it functions as a decorative window and light source.
Room, Common, Antechamber
Parent Location

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