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Feurirusu Boats

The sea seemed to split before my very eyes as we soared across the sea to Hâehez. I had never seen a feurirusu boat from so close before, and I couldn't but take it as a sign of discoveries to come[...]
— From Sia Skiyon
Feurirusu boats are powered by human magic. While small and only able to carry 2-3 passengers, feurirusu are the fastest things on the water. The ships are generally used by travelers and messengers, as the ships can carry little weight.

Power Generation

The ships is primarily powered by the winds and waves. If the mages run out of power, the boat also carries emergency oars. However, with a boat this large it truly is emergency only.


The boat has typically two to three crew members, depending on the skill and multitasking ability of the mages. One mage, with air magic, will provide a constant wind to the sails of the boat, while the other, a water mage, will split the water as they pass to reduce the resistance of the waves. If either able to multitask, they will man the sails themselves, but many boats have a third member for this purpose.

Armor and defense

The boat has no defense but speed. Should a ship be stranded in the middle of the sea, it is a sitting duck for monsters. Some ships try to work around this by spending some of their load on adventurers to fight off the monsters. Others have replacement mages so the crew can work in turns.
Feurirusu: comes from rusu for quick, and feurir for river/stream. The name means 'quick-river' boats, and likely comes from their great speed.
65-80 kph
Complement / Crew
2 mages and 1 shiphand
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2-3 average people


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