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The planet has been home for the greatest artists in the Assembly since before it's founding. It is a center of culture and diversity with it being the jewel of the Assembly of Stars.   Once a colony of the United Alliance of Earth, they were at first insignificant. It wasn't untill a troupe of Tasinara performers arrived. After many years of enjoyment of both of their art, they began working together to create some of the greatest master pieces of known history. With time they took the galaxy by storm and now are the center stage player in the galactic entertainment industry.


This planet mostly consists of open plains and large seasonal forests. There are plenty of mountains or climb, they are not a prestigious. The most notable feature are it's beautiful rivers that do not menander like traditional ones. Because it the bacteria that lives in them, the erosion of the banks is non-existent. With their crystal clear and color appearance, they are a sight to behold.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the planet has a very docile ecosystem, but doesn't mean there isn't anything worth seeing.  
  • Tunlop Bacteria: These colorful bacteria are very poisonous, but come in shades of red, purple, and blue. They live the local rivers and feed off the tiny organisms in it.
  • Hellmus: This tree normally has green leaves through the year, but during an eclipse the leaves turn a bright blue and glow.
  • Ithacae Monarch: Similar to Earth's butterflies, they are insets that travel on a direct path across the globe. They are very timely and come to the same places every year.

Natural Resources

Here are the specialty resources found here.
  • Scientific Discoveries: High
  • Medical Resources: High
  • Luxury Goods: Perfumes
  • Natural Tourism: Medium


This is a very unique place to visit. Here are some recommendations.  
  • Ithacae Entertainment Bureau: They regulate and maintain how business is managed. While centered in Ithacae, they operate galaxy wide. Take a visit here to see what they have produced as well.
  • Herrington Lab'el: The popular clothing brand is located here. Tours can be scheduled with your representative.
  • Facade City: This town is full of movie sets that are maintained by the Bureau. The city with a population of zero. Tours are arranged years in advance.
  • Velkiana: A Tasinara company, they manage much of the sports operations on the planet. People watch their sports across the galaxy and getting to watch in person is greatly desired by many.
Owning Organization

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