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Kevolari Venture

Kevolari Venture
  Thoroughly industrial in its aesthetics, the Venture is a ship designed to keep its crew alive in unfriendly systems—everything else is secondary. Inside, however, the Venture is surprisingly comfortable, making it perfect for exploration, permanent residency, and long-haul shipping.   Medium explorer  

Speed 6; Maneuverability good (turn 1) ; Drift 1

AC 14; TL 12

HP 55; DT —; CT 11

Shields basic 20 (forward 5, port 5, starboard 5, aft 5)

Attack (Forward) light laser cannon (2d4)

Attack (Turret) high explosive missile launcher (4d8)

Power Core Pulse Gray (100 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic computer, budget mid-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 3 armor, mk 1 defenses; Expansion Bays cargo holds (3), physical science lab; Modifiers +2 Piloting; Complement 6


Captain Bluff +5 (1 rank), Computers +5 (1 rank), Diplomacy +5 (1 rank), gunnery +5, Intimidate +5 (1 rank), Piloting +7 (1 rank)

Engineer Engineering +5 (1 rank)

Gunners (2) gunnery +5

Pilot Piloting +12 (1 rank)

Science Officer Computers +10 (1 rank)

  Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 310

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