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Wreck'n Around At The Wreck'n Pinion Shop

Wreck'n Pinion Ship Repair by CB Ash (synthography made using MidJourney with adjustments using Krita)
Spudnuk led the way. It was a haphazard path, with more than a few alleys that skirted the edge of the Urmbrek Market. But, despite the out of the way route, there were more than enough ore carts, pedestrians, busking musicians, and a healthy amount of droids on errands of their own.
A few minutes later, the droids arrive at the far side of the Market at the side door of the Wreck’n Pinion ship repair shop. It’s an orchestra of noise, light, and sound, if the instruments were repair tools and plasma welders.
The Wreck’n Pinion looked like any of a thousand other grease-stained repair shops across the sector. Starfighter manifolds, compressor engines, and consoles of all types litter the main garage. Flashes of blue-white light glow from arc welders while they cut into durasteel across the garage. Mysterious black stains litter the reinforced floor around a row of rusted drains. In the air, a thin, greasy smear of smoke and the scent of burnt rubber provided was a light blanket over everything.
Spudnik and Charkarr had only set a foot or wheel inside the door when one of the pit droids waved, then raced over. The brass, short, humanoid droid ran like his life depended on it. Given the dents along the left side of his mushroom shaped head, that might be the case.
“Why boil me head! Spudnik! You’re in one piece! I heard blasters were flying in the Underminer Quarter.”
Spudnik gave another of his human-like shrugs.
“It was,” he hesitated, “but not now? I don’t think now. Some pirates broke into Master Tose’s apartment. My Master led most of them away but, they turned loose a probe droid.”
The little exploration droid waved a metal hand to Charkarr.
“Whaka, this is Charkarr. Charkarr? This is WAK-98, but he goes by ‘Whaka’.”
Whaka tapped the side of his dented brass mushroom head while he nodded in greeting to Charkarr.
“Och, good to meet you, Charkarr!” Whaka puts his hands on his hips. “And good to see you both in one piece! Probe droids, them are just crazy packed in one big can. But also, good to see the Bolt Jacker didn’t catch you both! Word is, he’s back out stalking droids to kidnap and pull open for parts!”
The pit droid shook his head.
“But ah, that’s not here nor hyperspace. You’re both as secure as a Hutt’s credit account here. So! what can I be doin’ for you both?”
Mon, Jan 23rd 2023 05:23

I slowly ease out of the network around the probe droid making sure to not leave a trace and not set off any alerts by an abrupt departure. I then turn to scan this Whaka character. He appears to be a friendly pit droid. I am sure that my Mistress would see good in him. It is so nice to see a friendly face after all of the running through alleys and rerouting we have had to do to get to Spudnik's master in the spaceport.   "Whaka, I am Charkarr and my Mistress is the grand and glorious Iwa. I am on a mission to procure some tools that she needs and as part of that, I needed to deliver a package to the master of Spudnik - or at least to Spudnik. We were interrupted in that exchange and now we need to get Spudnik safely to his master. Is there possibly a back door here that would allow us to sneak out and get to the actual spaceport quickly and safely without being detected?"
Sun, Jan 29th 2023 06:59

“A back door? A’course there is!” Whaka gestures to a grime-covered door on the other side of the shop. “Always good to keep a couple of those around. Never know when the Bolt Jacker might show up to steal parts out of you! Come with me!”
Whaka leads the way across the shop, around most of the spilled oil and part grease. Bursts of sparks rain down at angles, which gives a burst of orange light to the garage. A steady whine of plasma cutters cutting away blast-torn sections of hull plating fills the air.
The back door is littered with a collection of old flimsie-posters, a five-year-old message board that’s home to a worn out LED wire, and more. Only the keypad lock looked less than a year old, and it already had a few grease stains from mechanic digits.
At the door, the pit droid reached up to tap a key sequence into the pad. It chimed, and the door unlocked. Whaka shoved it open.
“Just keep a sensor peeled for the Bolt Jacker! Him or his grubby gang might be out cutting up droids.”
Past the open doorway was the Nelden spaceport. Ships of all shapes and sizes sat on landing pads and other zones. Some waited to leave, others for a mechanic. Humans, Ugnaughts, and droids went about their day.
There was no sign of Spudnik’s master, but there was an Ugnaught mechanic talking with a broad-shouldered human a few meters ahead. To the left two suspicious humans in speeder bike leathers lurked at the end of the alley. They were quietly dissecting parts of a decapitated astromech droid.
“That’s Gov Gnul. I’ve met him once before when I was here with my master,” Spudnik says. “Charkarr, I’m sensing that same com signal from the people that attacked Master Tose.”
Mon, Jan 30th 2023 01:51

I do a sensor scan of the area to make sure that the map from the central city computer matches the current set up. I also check the astromech droid the two humans are dissecting to see if they might be the Bolt Jackers that Whaka is scared of. If that droid has been deactivated within the last hour, then maybe I have an idea. I grab Spudnik and roll back inside the Wreck'N Pinion shop.   "Whaka, I think I see two Bolt Jackers at the end of the alley. Looks like they might be dissecting an astromech droid! You have to help us with disguises so we can sneak past them." Without waiting for any reply, I quickly whirl and begin looking around the area to see if I can spot things that could be attached to Spudnik and myself to both disguise us and tempt the Bolt Jackers over. I am hoping that the Bolt Jackers will see anyone else approaching us as trying to steal from them and we can take the opportunity to shed the extra weight and get past the people with the same com signal. Which makes me think of another item and I turn quickly to Spudnik.   "Spudnik, was that com signal coming from Gov Gnul?? Is he part of the people who are attacking your master?"
Wed, Feb 1st 2023 08:12

A brief records search confirms the location to be just outside the spacer’s district. It also provides brief, but ghoulish details on the Bolt Jackers. A local swoop gang, they are infamous for kidnapping droids and dissecting them for parts; even the memory core. Rarely does the droid survive intact. It’s even more rare, the droid’s parts are ever found again.
Those humans at the end of the alley are known members of Bolt Jackers gang.
Whaka taps a metal hand to head in a quick salute.
“Ah, ma bonnie lass, I know just the thing! We got ourselves some parts in the other day. Right proper portable scanners, they are. Hyperspace explorer grade spares! I’ll grab the crate and we can get them slapped on quick as a jiff. When done, them Bolt Jackers won’t be able to resist!”
The pit droid raced off toward a box of parts marked ‘environmental sensor packs’ on the other side of the shop.
Meanwhile, Spudnik shook his head.
“No, not a bit! That signal was coming from the ones talking to Gov Gnul. Really, Gov didn’t look happy to talk to them, either.” He tapped the side of one of his ocular sensors in thought. “But he often looks grumpy. Though, he looked downright unhappy right then!”
Whaka returned with the box of parts. In no time, sensor packs and other exploration equipment had been attached to both the exterior of Charkarr and Spudnik.
Outside, the human talking to Gov Gnul frowned. After an exchange of tense words, the man turned away from the Ugnaught to head back to the market.
Mon, Feb 13th 2023 01:24

I briefly contemplate creating a message that will be sent to my Mistress in the event I am not able to survive this encounter, but then I remind myself of how wonderful and brilliant she is and how I can do no less than survive to continue to serve her. I quickly check the gear attached to Spudnik and myself to ensure that it is both enticing and easy to drop!   We roll out the back door and between the Ugnaught and the droid jackers doing our very best to not appear suspicious, in a hurry, or to look like we are attempting to draw attention to ourselves.
Wed, Feb 22nd 2023 01:04

Disguises in place, Whaka keys the back door open, then steps to the side.
“Careful now, the both of ya,” he warns. “Dolled up like that, not even your mistress or master would know be knowin’ either of ya from across a room. But, by ma cogs, the Bolt Jackers won’t be able to turn down coming for both of you. If you get yer heads in hot oil, come running back here. Ol’ Whaka will hide you sure as anything. Good luck!”
The trip from the back door to Gov Gnul was only forty meters at worst. But it felt like four hundred. Down the alley to the right of the door, the Bolt Jackers stopped their savage deconstruction of the decapitated astromech. One nudged the other, and they strolled down the alley toward Charkarr and Spudnik.
Ahead, the human strolled away from Gov Gnul. The Ugnaught glanced once toward Charkarr, then squinted at Spudnik. After a second’s consideration, Gnul shook his head.
“Nah, not Spudnik. Equipment’s all wrong,” the Ugnaught muttered while he walked away. “Hutts and their damn goons. Interrupting my day. Got my head all rattled.”
Slowly, Gov Gnul stalked toward a YT-1210 light transport with its main drive lines spilled out like Nabooian spaghetti from an open panel. The repairs had obviously been interrupted. The Ugnaught isn’t walking fast but steady, toward the YT-1210 and away from the droids.
The Bolt Jackers pick up the pace toward Charkarr and Spudnik. One of the swoop gang pulls out a pair of retraining bolts from an inner pocket and gives a nasty grin at the droids.
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My sensors pick up the Bolt Jackers coming closer and faster than I was anticipating for mere humans. Looks like we need to step up our game a bit. I send a message to Spudnik to start taking the extra equipment of his case and throw it at the bolt jackers. I would join in, but I do not think my Mistress would approve of me taking part in such a violent pastime. I will however, do a quick drop of all the extra pieces and parts on my case - this will hopefully give them pause to stop and check it out while dodging whatever Spudnik can manage to toss as well.   As I suggest the throwing of extraneous gear, I also suggest that we make quicker progress towards Gov Gnul and that Spudnik begins to communicate in some way with him to make sure he knows we are friends - at least for the moment. After we get to the edge of the dropped parts, I discretely allow some of my oil to flow to the ground to assist them in finding the parts.   I also sneak a peak at the machine he is working on. I think my mistress would find it calming and relaxing to dig into the innards of that and begin to put it to rights - just like she did with me.
Tue, Apr 4th 2023 12:40

Parts clatter across the pavement as Charkarr drops her disguise. Spudnik dropped his own extra gear and raced after her.
The instant parts hit the ground, the Bolt Jackers dove for Charkarr and Spudnik. The gang members missed the grab for Charkarr. A step behind her, Spudnik jumped over the other Bolt Jacker’s hands, then raced up the man’s arms.
“Get a restraining bolt on that chrome dome! I got this one. These two are worth some serious credits!”
Spudnik used the gang banger’s jacket like a swing to jump to the ground. He narrowly avoided another grasp.
“Master Gov! It’s me! Spudnik! Help!”
A second barely had time to run by before Gov Gnul spun on his heel and gestured with his right hand. Blue-tipped darts flew out like a swarm of angry hornets. They shot over and around Charkarr with an nasal whine that made her audio receptors shudder.
All at once the darts slammed into the two gang bangers. Ionization static lashed out and shook them both like a pair of limp rag dolls. The two Bolt Jackers collapsed to the ground in a heap.
Gov Gnul eyes the droids, Bolt Jackers, then the trail of spare droid parts. After a second, he grunted and folded his arms over his chest.
“That’ll do for those two. They’ll have a nice long nap. Now, what are you two doing cavortin’ on around with the likes of Bolt Jackers? Especially you, Spudnik. You know better. Just what’s going on here?”
Mon, May 8th 2023 01:30

I wait anxiously to see what Spudnik is going to say and how much blame I will take for my various plans - that have not always gone well.
Wed, May 17th 2023 09:20

Spudnik glances at Charkarr, the back to Gov Gnul before he stumbles over his words in some sort of a reply.
“Well,” he began then let go of an electronic sigh. “It’s sort of all my fault. Master Guv, I got myself and Charkarr into what I think is a big mess.”
The little droid started at the beginning, back in the Underminer Quarter at his first meeting with Charkarr. Little by little, he recounted the assault on Tose Phen, followed by the cryptic instructions, the probe droid, and all events in between until the encounter with the Bolt Jackers.
It was a mostly factual accounting, with some embellishment that placed Charkarr square in the role and spotlight of a savvy, clever hero. One that, according to Spudnik’s telling, saved his circuits.
Gov didn’t reply for a long three seconds. Instead, he simply scowled at Spudnik, followed by Charkarr. At last he squinted at Charkarr.
“So. Charkarr. Anything you want to add?”
Mon, May 29th 2023 11:50

I glance at Spudnik and back to Gov Gnul a few times before opening my circuits with a huge discharge of air that is the droid version of a sigh.   "Spudnik has painted me as a hero, but I am not. I did the best I could in the situations we found ourselves in, but the more I consider it, the more sure I am that my Mistress would have been able to find a solution at the very beginning that would have kept all of us safe. I am no better that that Dizzy person who fires first and asks questions later." I slump in defeat.   "We really do need help in getting Spudnik to his master as there is information that his master needs to save - if not the universe, then at least his life. Can you help us?"
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The Ugnaught’s frown deepened at Charkarr’s reply while his unblinking stare bored holes through the small droid’s sensors. Yet, Charkarr could see the intense calculation in the mechanic’s eyes.
“So, he’s stumbled onto something in his prospecting that wasn’t meant to see the surface again? Well then. We will go fix his problem and settle this. You two are coming with me. Once I grab some tools, we’re going to track down Tose and those enforcers, then put a stop to this once and for all.”
After a second's thought, he nodded.
“I have spoken.”
Without another word, he spun on his heel and stalked into his garage.
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