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Wheelin' and Dealin' at the Brimstone Whammy

Brimstone Whammy by Synthography by CB Ash
Minutes later, Gov Gnul stopped the small landspeeder in a dedicated parking zone outside the Brimstone Whammy. The Ugnaught mechanic arched his right eyebrow at the droids.
“Spudnik knows this but you’re not local,” Gov says to Charkarr. “Brimstone Whammy is a local’s cantina. Mostly quiet but gunfights do happen. It’s also the best place to get information on what we want to know. My guess? Tose has himself on the wrong side of a Hutt Kajidic or the Pyke Syndicate. Maybe both.”
He stabs a finger at the cantina.
“So we go in and find out whose rousting miners. Olee Pindol, the owner, might know something. So might Habin Marks, the local Mining Guild rep. Neither love the Hutts or the Pykes.” Gov stepped out of the vehicle then waved a hand.
“Come along and don’t doddle. I have spoken.”
The front door slid open to reveal a long room littered with tables and patrons. A bar and open grill lines set in the far wall is the source of all manner of sounds and scents. The lighting isn’t dim, but it is subdued from an ever-present yellow-orange haze that wanders the establishment like a lazy weather pattern.
Gov pauses at the front door to give a curt wave to a tall, blue-skinned Durosian woman dressed in a tube top and faded trousers more accustom to a starfighter pilot, waved back and smiled. The mechanic urged Charkarr and Spudnik along while he escorted them to the bar. Along the way, there was a low grumble from some about droids in the cantina.
“Gov, suga! It’s been too long!” Olee leans on the bar with a twinkle in her red eyes for the surly mechanic. Gov looks persistently unmoved.
“Olee. We’re here for some information. There is a mutual friend who may be in trouble…”
Gov begins to explain the situation in his matter of fact tone, periodically having Spudnik or Charkarr interject missing facts along the way.
As the pair talk about Tose and his predicament, a tense atmosphere swirls around the bar. It’s a close, tight sensation that slowly wraps its tendrils around the small group. A sense of impending danger. It doesn’t take a complex scan to identify any number of threats, from Pyke Syndicate enforcers at a table a few meters away, to a pair of Rodian bounty hunters that are making a good show to appear as if they are drinking whatever is in their mugs. Then, there is a pair of Bolt Jacker gang bangers at the bar only four steps away.
It could be the product of over-excited circuits but it’s hard for the droids to ignore, they may have become the most interesting people in the room.
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkarr! How do you want to handle this?
Mon, Jun 26th 2023 11:43

There are too many people in this bar paying attention to our story. I do wonder why he chose to not go into a more private setting for this. Perhaps, being organic and not a Wookie, he is slow of thought? No matter now, the die has been cast and we will probably have to fight our way out of this situation. BUT!   I flip through my memory files and find images of a probe droid. Since the bad guys were using one, I think it would be safe for us to use it against them. I quickly put together a clip of a probe droid entering the doorway and appear to be scanning. I send it to Spudnik for him to glance over to make sure the clip will be believable and then I hack into the joint's holoprojectors. I move one to focus on the doorway and replace the dancing girl with the probe droid imagery.   Now, how do we think this crowd will react?? I am taking wagers as Spook would say.
Hack the projectors and send the image | 4d6+2
Sun, Jul 2nd 2023 02:45

The atmosphere felt thick to Charkarr’s sensors. Heavy with a feeling of impending danger. No calculation she made could fathom why Gov Gnul decided to have this conversation out in the open at the bar. True, there wasn’t a patron being obvious about listening, but far too many were focused on Gov Gnul, Spudnik, or worse? Charkarr herself.
Especially the Bolt Jackers, who seemed ready to drool over the sight of both Charkarr and Spudnik. An intensity of stares that left the astromech with an uncomfortable feeling in her sensor sore.
Quickly, she flipped through her memory to pull out every image she had of those deranged Viper-class probe droids. Tossing those together, she shot that to Spudnik, who nearly squeaked in horror at the accuracy. But to his credit, he kept quiet and gave a digital thumbs up at the believability. Charkarr lost no time in hacking through the Whammy’s network security to gain access to the holoprojectors.
One moment, the holographic image of a Twi’lek dancing girl moved seductively on her highlighted pedestal near a far closed door. The next? A Black Sun Viper probe droid appeared in her place and floated forward as if it had just entered through the door. The realistic, holographic probe droid hummed with the delightful promise and premise of torturous, slow death.
The crowd reacted at once, like any pack of startled organics. From bounty hunter to smuggler to swoop gang banger, they drew weapons. Some were snatched out of hip holsters, others from under coats or vests. What was a busy cantina erupted into a small war zone.
It was only then that Charkarr heard the telltale hiss and snap of the front door, which obediently allowed both Dizzy and Iwa to enter the cantina in the same second the chaos blossomed.
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Charkarr! How do you want to handle this?
Thu, Jul 20th 2023 10:01

A Black Sun Viper probe droid appeared in the doorway and floats forward as if it had just entered through the door. The realistic, holographic probe droid hummed with the delightful promise and premise of torturous, slow death. I do the equivalent of giggling in glee as the holo-image comes to life just as I programmed. I then turn to see how the crowd reacts to my masterpiece. I wish my Mistress was here to observe my work as I am sure she would be most pleased with my ingenuity. The crowd reacted at once, like any pack of startled organics. From bounty hunter to smuggler to swoop gang banger, they drew weapons. Some were snatched out of hip holsters, others from under coats or vests. What was a busy cantina erupted into a small war zone. I am amazed at the actual number of weapons that were brought out into the light of day. My sensors had only detected 95% of these so I must work on recalibrating...................It was only then that I heard the telltale hiss and snap of the front door, which obediently allowed both Dizzy and my Mistress to enter the cantina in the same second the chaos blossomed.   OH-OH!   I guess I will get to see if she will be pleased or not.
Sat, Jul 22nd 2023 09:29

Charkarr chirped in glee as the hologram of the probe droid appeared and caused the exact, precise reaction she wanted. But the sudden appearance of Iwa and Dizzy, who seemed for a second to be fooled by the same hologram turned some of that glee to apprehension.
Especially since Iwa had cast a suspicious frown from Charkarr to the hologrpahic droid and back.
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkarr! Roll initiative! Since you created the probe droid hologram, you have to roll your own separate initiative!
Sun, Aug 6th 2023 03:11

With a roar, a short stalk through the crowd, and a belly laugh, Iwa shows the probe droid for what it is… a hologram! To all outward appearances, Iwa seems amused by the whole thing. But, Charkarr does detect an edge of tension to Iwa’s manner. She seems concerned, if not stressed.
A much closer concern is Dizzy. Unlike Iwa, the Dizzy-person doesn’t seem amused at all. At that moment, the ARC Captain looked like an ion storm trapped in clone armor, glaring at Charkarr.
“… I thought it was a good idea,” Spudnik whispered digitally to Charkarr. “Think we’re in trouble?”
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkarr! Iwa’s defused the potential gunfight. So what do you do?
Mon, Aug 7th 2023 01:15

"I don't think trouble is the right word for what is about to happen to us!" I respond digitally to Spudnik and studiously turn back to Gov Gnul to catch up on the conversation. I never want to disappoint my Mistress, but being able to use my own skills to get presents for her is more important to me right now. Maybe I can split my input channels and record what my Mistress and that Dizzy person are saying and I can do something to assist them in whatever they are working on right now.   I am sure it is more important than just finding some silly dress as my Mistress is kind and benevolent, but also focused on righting the wrongs in the universe.
Tue, Aug 8th 2023 01:01

The conversation between Gob Gnul and Olee Pindol it brief, quiet and to the point. Perhaps it was the excitement of the holographic probe droid, or perhaps it was the topic of conversation.
“As I hear it, Tose’s little map leads to something best left alone,” Olee explained. “Not sure who owned it, but he’s got a map to a wrecked ship offshore. Light freighter, I hear. Normally, that wouldn’t be much to worry over. But he brought up some crates of minerals, metals, and some old armor.”
She shrugged.
“As I hear it, once he registered the claim with the Mining Guild, the Pyke Syndicate started asking questions. Black Hat pirates, too. So I did some digging. Could be nothing, but that area is where the Gand Pioneer went down with all hands. Had a full load of new Street Judge armor. Never found or recovered.”
Gov raised his eyebrows while Olee continued.
“Could be chance, but there’s been a string of casino heists off world where the thieves are impersonating Street Judges. The Order of Solicitors is trying to keep it quiet. The heists stopped right about the time Tose filed his claim with the Guild.”
Charkarr sees one of the wait staff arrive next to Olee just as Dizzy calls out her order for Moogan Tea. Olee smiles and quickly pours some tea.
“I’ll be right back. Let me deliver these burgers and drinks to the ladies that just settled things down.”
Meanwhile, at the table where Iwa and Dizzy are, Charkarr also overhears Iwa and Dizzy compare notes. It seems they are looking for some people also One is someone named Irrit Deeneru. Another is named Sig Coven. Then there is a third called Kaithe Nes. Finally, probably the easiest, is that Iwa and Dizzy want to speak with Olee Pindol. All about some sort of amulet?
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkarr? What do you do?
Sun, Sep 24th 2023 02:10

My processors start whirling in agitation as I finally understand what a mess Spudnik's master has gotten into. His find can possibly right a wrong in the universe - which my Mistress would approve of!! - but how do we get this information to the right people so that there is no more danger for either him, Spudnik, or more importantly - ME!   I begin a search of the local holonews channels to see if there might be some mention of official help that I could contact - anonymously of course - and inform them of the Pyke Syndicate's interest and maybe - or would that be overkill? - mention the possibility of Street Judge armor being used in casino heists and that that is on the manifest of this ship.   BUT!   Would that ruin the chances for Spudnik's master to make enough credits to ensure that Spudnik gets regular oil baths and upgrades? Or would this help him do what he is actually trying to do? I wish I had taken a few minutes to .................................hang on, no reason that I cannot do that right now!!   I initiate a search for all background information on Spudnik's master to assist in making that decision. As long as I am doing that I can add the names that my Mistress is checking on. I can then forward that information to her datapad. I will also continue to search for what would be the best route to share the information with someone in authority.   It is glorious to be a droid!
Thu, Oct 19th 2023 02:48

Charkarr revels in the joy of being a droid whils she opens a channel to the holonet. In seconds, she transfers the names and data over to Iwa’s datapad. Also, a second communication - anonymously - is sent to the local Street Judge precinct and small Sector Ranger office.
Last, she transfers a copy over to Iwa’s datapad. Everything about Tose Phen, the Gand Pioneer and its load of missing Street Judge gear, to the Pyke Syndicate interest of it.
Seconds was enough, but was all the time the Force allowed. As at that moment, concussion grenade blasts rocked the cantina. Guv Gnul was thrown one way. Spudnik another. Charkarr? She was hurled backwards as if an invisible hand picked up the astromech and hurled her like a forgotten toy. She came to a stop when she slammed into a table.
Before her motivators could sort everything out, she heard voices from behind the smoke near the side door. Some were easy to identify as patrons, such as Pike Syndicate goons or the Bolt Jacker gang bangers near that side door. Others? Not as much, but had the mark of newcomers.
“Wither said she sensed the droids here,” a heavy voice snarled in Basic. “Stun everything. Anything else? Shoot it with a restraining bolt round!”
Three sharp, crisp sounds of blasters set to stun shriek out in the smoke along with a stab of blue ionic energy.
A second later, no more than a heartbeat, the front door to the cantina snapped open with a sharp hiss. Two figures stood outside. One was humanoid sized, the other was obviously a wookiee.
“That tracer on that data chip leads to this cantina,” the shorter of the two said. “That bounty hunter Gil swears picked his pocket has to be here somewhere…what the frak?”
The pair pulled out weapons and rushed into the cantina.
“Karakas, clear a path, I’ll scan for Gil’s data chip!”
The brown and rust furred wookiee locked and loaded his bowcaster.
Charkarr struggled, but the impact with the table rattled her motivators. Worse, Spudnik had not recovered yet. She thought she could see him through the smoke, but she wasn’t sure without her full sensors back online. Guv Gnul? He was nowhere to be scanned. In fact, the smoke was thick enough, it was almost impossible to scan your mistress. But you do think you see what might be that Dizzy-person crouched not far away.
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkar! You’re in a precarious position here! How do you get yourself back online? What do you do about Spudnuk? Guv Gnul? Your mission?
Charkarr, how do you want to handle this?
Sun, Nov 5th 2023 04:52

I am of no use to anyone - most importantly my Mistress - if I can't move. I heard someone say, “Wither said she sensed the droids here,” a heavy voice snarled in Basic. “Stun everything. Anything else? Shoot it with a restraining bolt round!” and I am determined to not get a restraining bolt as that effectively ruins my day. At least I did have time to send my Mistress information that would help. Who or what is wither? How can she/he/it sense droids?   I run the calculations and decide that a full system reboot is my only option.   Too bad that I can't do that right now.   I turn on my repair protocols and let them get busy doing triage on my various systems as I begin to trundle slowly towards where I am 99.25% positive that Spudnik landed. My calculations indicated that it would take the two of us to save Gov Gnul so I head that way to find Spudnik first. While I am making my way I do my best to move slowly enough to not draw attention, but still make progress. I am scared of restraining bolts, but the group coming in through the front door seems to have a different agenda.   I think I recorded one saying something about a tracker on a data chip. Could that be the one that Spudnik's master hid on him?
Thu, Dec 28th 2023 03:45

Charkarr’s repair protocols leap into action. It isn’t a perfect solution, only a full reboot could do that, but for the moment it works.
Barely meters away, Charkarr scans Spudnik on the floor. The exploration droid shakes his boxy head while he pulls himself upright. To his right, farther down the bar, Guv Gnul has just started to gather his own wits while he struggles to his feet.
Suddenly, a metal cylinder slams into Spudnik’s chest! The little droid is picked up from the impact and slammed backward into the bar. He gropes uselessly at the restraining bolt while the small device chimes as it activates.
To Charkarr’s right, a human in a suit standing within arm’s reach of Iwa, speaks into a comlink on his wrist.
“Forget the bounty hunter! I got the tracking signal on the chip. It’s in this droid I’ve just nailed with a restraining bolt!”
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkar! You’ve only seconds before the human can lay hands on Spudnuk!
Quick! How do you want to handle this?
Fri, Dec 29th 2023 03:56

"That is enough!" I may not be at full power, but I have enough to run my fine worker arm and pull the multitool from that small hidden compartment that only Mistress Iwa and myself know exists. I pour all of my power into moving to Spudnik's side and pop the circular saw out and wave it menacingly around while I quickly use the multitool to pop the restraining bolt off Spudnik. My dome is spinning so much that I am sure I look like a deranged droid!   I use the smoke in the air and the circular saw to misdirect attention so that no one sees me pop it off or put my multitool away. I send Spudnik a suggestion that we quickly make our way back to Gov Gnul before the next thing happens!  
Sat, Dec 30th 2023 05:51

Chakarr waved the circular saw through the air like a deranged, buzzing calling card of dismemberment. All the while she changed to Spudnik’s side like a one-droid commando battalion taking an enemy hill.
Once she reached her companion, she popped out the multitool to go to work on the restraining bolt. The bolt had only just locked into place, so it took seconds to remove. It had hardly hit the cantina floor before Spudnik staggered to his boxy feet. He nodded his square head before he half-stumbled, half-ran toward Gov Gnul.
In front, the human with the bolt-thrower jerked sideways as a Wookiee hunting knife slammed into him. Armor under his suit blunted some of the blow but not enough. The blade gouged into him. He yelled, grabbed the blade and stepped back.
One hand on the blade with the intent to remove it, he swung his pistol in two directions… Charkarr and Iwa. He fired twice, a restraining bolt in each direction. Used on a living creature the bolt round wouldn’t restrain them but the impact could cause plenty of damage on it’s own.
But, for a droid? That round was a living nightmare that would trap themselves in their own metal frame.
Storyteller Instructions  
Quick! How do you want to handle this?
Mon, Jan 8th 2024 09:52

Will this day never end?? I put my multi-processor to work and decide that my best - and probably only! - bet is to put something in front of me to take that bolt. I release my heavy grabber arm and yank the closest thing to me in front of the path of that bolt wishing only that the Dizzy person was closer!  
Tue, Jan 16th 2024 01:04

Time, which Charkarr always suspected might be fake, slowed to cold digital syrup. She fired her heavy grabber arm to lock onto a nearby chair. The arm instantly retracted, chair flung in Charkarr’s direction.
At the moment the restraining bolt round reached for Chakarr, and her protective chair sailed past in front of her, another object joined the mix. In a timely arrival, a round cantina table spun into place like a giant presswood shield.
Table met chair, which both stood in the way of the restraining bolt round. Charkarr heard the lethal sound of the round’s explosive charge as it fired the bolt. Restraining bolt hammered into both table and chair. Wood splinters exploded over Charkarr in a storm. But the obstacles blocked the bolt from going any farther.
“Let’s go!” Spudnik exclaimed to Charkarr, while Gov Gnul hauled himself upright, then quickly headed for the back of the cantina. Spudnik followed but with a noticeable limp from a strained motivator in his right hip joint.
Storyteller Instructions  
Quick! How do you want to handle this?
Mon, Feb 5th 2024 03:29

I hear my Mistress in distress and fully understanding, I start chivvying Spudnik along. This is not a safe place for anything alive to be. The only comfort I can take from this situation is that the Dizzy person is in range and might have to be sacrificed.   What is that human phrase, c'est la vie??   Perhaps we will be able to take a moment to breathe once we get outside and I can fix that strained motivator for Spudnik. Which does bring up a point, where do we go next?
Tue, Feb 6th 2024 09:06

Wookiee distress melts to rage as the air grows thick and hot even for a droid. Charkarr bumps and herds Spudnik toward a door it the rear. Guv Gnul, armed with a heavy blaster, brings up the rear and keeps cover. The trio rush through the kitchen, then storerooms to track down the back door.
While not safe, it’s an island of hesitant, fragile calm as the majority of the disaster takes place in another part of the cantina. The back door is, as would be expected, locked.
“Your master is involved in something ugly,” the Ugnaught says in his usual growl to Spudnik. “We need to leave and see what this data is you have. One of you get the door open and plot a route to someplace hidden. I’ll head back to make sure we aren’t being followed. I have spoken.”
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkar, how do you want to handle this? Crack the lock? Repair Spudnik? Help Guv Gnul and leave Spudnik to crack the lock? Or head back to help your mistress?
Mon, Feb 12th 2024 02:54

"I have spoken.” I am beginning to think that is the only phrase he likes to say. I do agree with him to some extent, but I do not think he is one to be issuing orders. What kind of idiot walks back in to a room where a Wookie is very, VERY unhappy.   I whirl my motivators in a degree of frustration that I am sure mirrors my Mistresses and then turn to Spudnik. "Quick, you work on the lock while I get this motivator fixed so we can quickly get to a safe place. I can check for a hiding spot - unless you know of something close??"   I pull up the city maps and tie in to the comm channels to see who is where and determine which side they are on. I don't want to leave this frying pan if everything outside is on fire!
Mon, Mar 4th 2024 02:41

Spudnik nodded. “The lock? I can do that”
While he reached over to plug into the lock’s data port, Charkarr snapped open a panel in her chassis. She quickly set to work on repairs to Spudnik’s damaged motivator. He glanced over at her for a moment before returning to reprogramming the lock to open.
“Near here? No. My master didn’t go this way. All I know of that’s near here are abandoned warehouses and unused machine shops. Maybe one of those will do?”
A hiss and spark spark later, Spudnik’s motivator was patched. It wasn’t entirely back to normal but it was certainly well patched and repaired. Charkarr knew in her processors that really, Spudnik would be better off with a replacement.
At the other end of the room, where it connected to the cantina turned battlefield, Guv Gnull stood using the doorframe as partial cover. The stray blaster shot still lanced through the opening to scorch the back wall. Beyond, the howls and roars of two wookies in heated combat filled the air. Every few seconds, the Ugnaught would glance over at the two droids to see if any progress had been made on the lock.
Just then, the lock in front of Spudnik clicked.
“Got it!” Even though the little droid couldn’t grin, both joy and relief echoed through his explanation.
The door hissed while it snapped open, revealing a narrow alley behind the cantina. To the right lay a person-sized trash compactor. Across the alley was a blank, stained, duracrete wall.
Meanwhile, Charkarr finished her scan of the surrounding area. Just as Spudnik said, the area behind the cantina was a modest-sized industrial complex and storage area. Most of which wasn’t in use. Which, from Charkarr’s experience with the crew of the Banana Republic, didn’t mean ‘empty’. This was why Charkarr wasn’t surprised to find several life forms appearing on her sensors.
None of them were staying still and most came in groups of three to five. Worse, most of the warehouses and machine shops contains some low-level jamming field. Nothing that strong, but it was strong enough to garble Charkarr’s attempts to deeply scan the buildings.
Most looked empty, at least for the moment. The industrial park was four warehouses deep and six wide. Two machine shops were nestled in the middle, one to the right of the complex and the other on the left.
Spudnik, eager to be away from the cantina, sprints into the alleyway. Guv Gnull runs from his post by the door toward Charkarr.
Storyteller Instructions  
Charkarr, what do you do?
Tue, Mar 5th 2024 01:49

I am - well, happy is a human emotion, but I am satisfied that the repair job I did seems to allow Spudnik to move more competently. Sadly, it appears they are yet again heading straight for trouble. I tweet at Gov Gnul about the situation, but I am unsure that he has any ability to understand me without an interface. Why does it appear that most humanoids are attracted to dangerous situations? It is like they have to open the door and run through it each and every time. Of course Spudnik did go first, but he has obviously been associating with lesser people that my Mistress. She would have been able to instill a degree of caution!   I follow more slowly and put all of my sensors on high alert for the next danger.  
Mon, Apr 1st 2024 12:17

Storyteller Instructions  
Charkar, make your way over to “Warehouse Roundup ( https://www.worldanvil.com/w/star-wars3A-shards-jarissa/thread/62adb3f5-48ed-49c6-a7a1-232dfe9e17a5/view )”