Star wars: shards Awakenings II

Awakenings II



Following clues in old Poetinas' log leads the PCs to the TRUE coordinates of his Sith artifact's source world. More specifically, this dying planet hosts an ancient city, now jungle-choked, with a mighty large Sith temple at its center. Underneath the pagoda-like black structure lies a miracle ... and a trap.
Naturally, representatives of the Rebellion, the Jedi, and the Mentats cannot possibly leave all this alone.

This is where we found Illiana Turosin a.k.a. "Sith Chippy", a redhead who really latched onto Lod Zorad. (She wasn't the only one, either.) Lod Zorad gets possessed by the Force ghost of Yemen Vargas, who for a while plays the part of Lod's own little "Tyler Durden".

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