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Who Stole First

semi-coherent notes scribbled by Dizzy's player and more coherent notes scribbled by KitKat's player on May 23rd, 2015

General Summary

Dizzy notes:


The Royal James of the Crimson Banner Pirate Clan want to have a word with us, now that we’re all buzz-droided and stuff.


The water purification parts were being shipped for Pell Purification Systems, and are probably meant for factory-level function. The rep to pick them up was from Tannis Farming & Supplies.


KitKat notes:


The smuggler I was following must have thought that the frequently-stolen water purifier parts made a fine hiding spot for those stolen data cubes that Grand Admiral Angelo d'Arcy assigned me to retrieve.


This crew of the Banana Republic showed admirable resorcefulness, skill, sometimes tact, and even restraint in dealing with the Royal James, the Saber (disguised as Capt. E. Moody’s Rising Sun), and even the Venture (the local authorities, when Capt. Fontaine came to the rescue.)


This crew may be headed for something very big, don’t we all hope?

Report Date
11 Feb 2019


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