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Another of the three major Aw'akeen ethnicities are the Olddea. Unlike the conquest-driven Crathax or the more tempered Shalent, the Olddea are more neutral.   In the Aw'akeen civil war between the Crathax and the Shalent, the Olddea chose a different path. They withdrew from their home system and sought new allies to stem the Eborrean threat.   Toward that end, they allied with the Dark Side using Rakata, the Chiss, and the Noghri. With their combined efforts, the Eborreans were driven out of the galaxy. But the cost was the collapse of the Noghri and Rakata societies. With the threat gone, the Olddea withdrew to isolated colonies, keeping only the most tenuous contact with their remaining allies, the Chiss, who agreed to remain vigilant for any sign of the Eborrean menace.
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