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XT-1100 Tramp Freighter Imperial courier ship

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 30.0 "Thief of Dreams"

VNY's notes:

According to the notes KitKat (yay!) found in notes belonging to Emperor's Hand Ellaine Vorhejeron and her partner, d'Arcy is being transported aboard this ship, which was rerouted due to Reaver attack; it made contact with its escorts, and is making its way to the New Jarvis System in Mecetti space.
- database entry updated Natunda
25 Welona
Our XT-1100 Freighter is designed to be a faster, more maneuverable model. Check over the XT-1100's compact, more oval saucer area and her longer mandibles. The XT is an ingeniously streamlined version of our popular YT-1300, for transporters of small loads at swift paces. Many new owners choose one of our Weapons Integration upgrade packages during purchase. Our sales droid will be honored to compare several options to match your needs and your budget! Visit a personalization office at your nearest major spaceport today!
— Corellian Engineering Corporation Buyer's Guide


  • Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2
  • Hyperdrive Backup: x11

Armor and defense

  • Hull: 4D
  • Shields: 0D


  • Passive:10/0D
  • Scan:25/1D
  • Search:40/2D
  • Focus:2/3D

Additional & auxiliary systems

  • Nav Computer: Yes
  • Space: 4
Owning Organization
30.5m | Scale: Starfighter
Maneuverability: 1D | Atmospheric speed: 800 km / h
Complement / Crew
1 to 2
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Passengers: 4 | Cargo Capacity: 75 metric tons | Consumables: 2 months

Thanks to d6 Holocron for the details on this model of starship.


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