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First Come, First Served

semi-coherent notes scribbled by Dizzy's and S'reee's players on April 18th, 2015

General Summary

Dizzy notes:

Found in the main cargo hold:
  • 20 crates (in groups of 5 or 10)
  • 5 crates of bacta spray
  • 10 crates of droid data plugs
  • 5 crates hyper-chunky brand kath-hound food
  • 5 pallets of synth-wood
  • one really large crate (9ft tall by 8ft wide) off by itself: readout says “medical scanner”

The big crate contains a sensor pod that can only be used by capital ships or space transports. The stencils and serial numbers are consistent with a military sequence – possibly Galactic Imperial.

(dancing ensues throughout the crew)
(aforesaid dancing proves to be premature)

And now the Hunter’s Gambit is here. That is not okay.


S'reee notes:

Jerrod MackenzieOutlaw Tech working for House Tresario


FIDO Droids, 2 Imperial Droids, 4 Assaisian Droids with corporate chips being remotely controlled from shuttle hiding in the shadow of the asteroid lines up with beacon.


Big power draw towards ship locker area and secondary ship locker. Jammer system designed to jam around those compartments.


Someone channeling bacta through entire ships hold.


Dizzy notes:

Clan Traviss rules, all the boys drool!


(not the boys on my team though)


Okay the jerks in the black armor are from bounty hunter House Tresario and have an ongoing feud with House “Perpetually Late” Benelex, of the Hunter’s Gambit.


The solicitor listens to all of us kvetch a lot, and looks at our documentation, and decides House Tresario is going to pay for LOTS OF THINGS. Some of the cargo will be split between us.


I am wondering about that out-of-place crate of hound chow. Are there pieces of coded info stamped on the cans? What’s the deal? There are no kath hounds on the ship, there’s no food on the manifest.


S'reee found "Tanis Rory" who may have put up the money for the bounty that sent House Benelex our way. And maybe House Tresario, who knows.

Rewards Granted

3 character points!


But no sensor pod for us. The solicitor took it.


But we did get everything else, I think!

Report Date
18 Apr 2015
Secondary Location


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