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Dismal Luck

semi-coherent notes scribbled by Dizzy's player on March 21st, 2015

General Summary

Uncover ... discover?


Recover the cargo from the Bedazzled Apple and take to the Tallaan System.


Our capital ship has the shields, the hyperdrive, the tractor beam, and all the sensors that officially existed. Our contractee, Seven Suns Shipping, is willing to loan us a couple of turbo-lasers as a GOOD FAITH COLLATERAL and not part of our pay.


They've been having a lot of trouble with competitor Argyle Factors, Inc, who have been trying to run them out of business. So 7S needs this shipment to make it to market.


They would like to get the freighter back. If it's too damaged, leave a transponder and they'll later send a dismantle team.


See the problem is the captain of the BA decided to take a shortcut through the Hellios System and used a Category Red unstable hyperspace lane. Hellios is in Barnaba Province, he thought he'd skip 4 stops to get straight to Lynx. The crew is recovering in the hospital.


So the planet we're going to in Lynx System is named "Dismal". It's a very arid, mostly desert planet. The temperate regions with actual plant life are on the poles, and it's mostly reptile-infested savanna. Officially the population of Dismal is less than a 1000 sentient beings, mostly in the employ of companies with the exploitation rights to various parts of the world. They have the materials to create hypermatter fuel. There is 1 station at the end of the temperate zone, Scotline Station. There are 3 moons, the closest is just a rock with some red soil. The 3rd moon is a captured comet in an oddly angled orbit. The 2nd is a shattered moon, 3/4ths of it is intact-ish and the rest is slowly spreading out to form a ring around the planet Dismal. Second moon also has a lot of deposits of the thorlive and tezium crystals. They go kablooey at the presence of any energy pretty much.


They have a couple of refueling stations an an orbital parts yard.


Degaussing the Bedazzled Apple takes about an hour before electromagnetic charge is low enough that I can go check on the cargo. I confirm crates of cheese, ice cream, fungus bread, brandy, all that kind of crap. Extremely large canisters of stew. Crates of droid parts. And one very large set of crates of animal feed. The last two crates are "hazardous" - one is a rack of containers of hypermatter fuel, the other is a set of thorlive crystals. I'm moving the fuel rack crate to the OPPOSITE END OF THE CARGO HOLD.



Rewards Granted

3 character points awarded

Character(s) interacted with


I do believe the crate of droid parts went sailing off into the void of space during the ensuing combat. Rushlight would remember more!
Report Date
21 Mar 2015


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