Session 5 - Pirate Ships Report

General Summary

Our heroes flee Grutusk Hive, leaving flames and a horde of angry mercenaries behind them. Things weren't all's-well aboard Cif's ship, however, as we discover that Elliott has accidentally tapped into the power of the strange red crystal that Cifs sent the party to collect.   After a brief exchange where Cifs recovers the crystal's power with a small needle, the ship makes way through the sky, returning to Rhodes. The way is not easy however. 10 dragons, or at least the modern era's version of them, attack the airship. None other than Sala the Bold arrives riding one of these dragons, and the party do battle with them. After a series of wild blows and pirate support, the party is victorious.   Unfortunately, the Loq'flore goes overboard just after the fight. The crew has no interest in going against the captain's orders and lowering the ship, so our heroes comandeer the control room and take the ship down. After extracting a promise to wait four hours, the heroes attempt to track down the Loq'flore. They discover it has gone into an entire city of Loq'flore.   The city seems powered by more of the same strange crystals that Cifs collects. They talk with the plants and realize that in order to save the Reach, their friend will have to give his life. They allow this, but nobody feels good about it.   The day is saved, but at what terrible cost? Especially since shortly after they drop the Loq'flore off... Cifs returns to the Loq'flore village... And decimates it. Claiming the crystals for himself.

Rewards Granted

1 xp for the Loq'flore going overboard. 1 xp for discovering the Loq'flore city.

Missions/Quests Completed

The Loq'flore was returned to Rhodes.
Splinter-Reach Test Drive
Elliot Savage
Elliot Savage is a Mad Reacher who Absorbs Engergy of Tier 2 and 8 XP.
Fynbar is a Ascended Magen who Would Rather be Reading of Tier 1 and 7 XP.
Sala The Bold
Sala the Bold is a Jovial Bastion who Slays Monsters of Tier 1 and 9 XP.
Report Date
25 Jan 2021
Primary Location


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