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Splinter-Reach Test Drive

A Cypher System game In the world of Splinter Reach
10/22/2020 | Looking for Players


  • Altan'ruhl - Before Splintering
    This is a snapshot of the world as it existed before the Splintering.
Supporting Cast
  • Sinclair
    Sinclair is a Pael-Touched beggar who wanders around the Trimet. Although most of what he has to say is babbling nonsense, occasionally he surfaces nuggets of interest.

Sessions Archive

7th May 2021

Session 13: A Big Favor

Since the party is unwilling to provide him their Reach, Mythias has asked them to claim a new Reach that can be found beyond his grasp. Unfortunately, it remains in the ruins of a castle overrun by enormous golems.

8th Apr 2021

Session 12: Revenge of the Coalition

The party has escaped with their lives, repelled the Magen assaulting Stonerang (for now), exposed Nima as leader of this band of Coalition, and have even managed to acquire Gray Robes's reach. Now they just need to survive the aftermath.

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1st Apr 2021

Session 11: Fame, Fortune, and Flayed People

Things get real as the Coalition continues to close in on our heroes, assaulting their honor guard in their inn. What lengths must they go to shake the trail?

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25th Mar 2021

Session 10: Stonerang

The characters find themselves welcome to Stonerang, but that doesn't change their ultimate mission... Or the horde of crazy Magen trying to kill them.

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18th Mar 2021

Session 9: Wizards

After completing their adventure for the Pael Eye (et al), the party gather up to determine what they need to do about those damned wizards.

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11th Mar 2021

Session 8: Frenemies

Now on a mission from the Pael Eye to uncover the truth about the lady Eladra, our heroes face death and worse as they race to find answers before one of the many factions converging on them do permanent damage to Jim.   Who else might be looking to give Jim a beating? The Disciples of Drethe? The Pael Eye? The Coalition of the Ascended? The Paragons? Or somebody new...

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29th Jan 2021

Session 6: The Perfect Crime

When a murder and theft get committed within the Shining city of Oceangarde, the party is hired to find the killer and recover that which was stolen... Without upsetting the local government.

22nd Jan 2021

Session 5 - Pirate Ships

Having escaped the burning Grutusk Hive, our heroes travel post-haste back to Rhodes to save the Reach before it is lost forever. Unfortunately, the Loq'flore has other plans...

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7th Jan 2021

Session 4 - Grutusk Hive

Our heroes make their way through the Grutusk Hive, trying to unravel the mysteries of the fearsome Brotherhood of the Battlesong, an abandoned pirate airship, and a strange crystal resonance.   Oh yeah...and deal with the walking plant that just can't help but get into everybody's business...

17th Dec 2020

Session 3 - Flower Power

Upon realizing the Loq'flore is actually an enormous walking plant-man, our heroes must now find a way to get it to travel back to Rhodes with them so that its essence may be harvested.

5th Nov 2020

Session 2 - The Dung Run

Let's find out what happens when Sala and Kai are told they will be in jail for a stretch of time that will cause them to miss their deadline on restoring the Reach.

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29th Oct 2020

Session 1 - The Dung Run

The Dung Run was one of the most dangerous (and profitable) smuggling routes known to the Seven Dragon Princedom. Few were brave enough to attempt it, and only one had ever become legend at making it.   Since the Splintering, this profitable venture has been abandoned... Until now.

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22nd Oct 2020

Session 0 - Character Creation

Join me to test-drive the technology, learn more about the setting, and start talking through character concepts.

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Test Drive the Cypher System with me as we explore a new campaign setting I am creating, fueled by a rich lore I am still trying to put into words. During this campaign, I'll figure out what online gaming feels like, and see if I can keep to the plan of becoming a 120 minute GM. There will be at least 3-4 full length campaigns to follow in this setting (each to last 3 months or less).   Try it out. Reach for something different.

This story is told by

The Protagonists

Elliot Savage

Elliot Savage is a Mad Reacher who Absorbs Engergy of Tier 2 and 8 XP.

Lucas Dawnson

Lucas is a Empathic Link who Learns Quickly of Tier 1 and 2 XP.

Ascended of the Flamewrought Academy Fynbar

Fynbar is a Ascended Magen who Would Rather be Reading of Tier 1 and 7 XP.

Sala The Bold

Sala the Bold is a Jovial Bastion who Slays Monsters of Tier 1 and 9 XP.