Hepatic Schism

"Lets make one thing clear here and now, there have always been Maji in Spindle, Magic use may not have been common Knowledge but it did happen. Did the Rending change things? Yes. Was it for the better? I believe it was. I stand before you, Speaker of the seven, we are for the first time organised and we are committed to using our power to ensure that the Tear does not spread, that that which wishes to escape will be held back, and that we shall strive to understand it.”
  • Elenor Di Bougait, First stitch of the seventh thread, Vox of the Schism. Speaking to a collection of priests regarding the formation of the Hepatic Schism.
  • The Hepatic Schism is a council of arcane magic users who govern the seven Threads of Maji that exist in spindle. Magic is not widely trusted, and few cities are welcoming of those able to wield arcane magic. Most believe this magic is tied to the old gods, to the first god the weaver, because of this the followers of the new gods abhor it.   The structure of the Schism is confusing and the term threads features in several places with different contexts. The threads are the different types of magic, all Maji use all of these threads to craft their spells. Then there the Threads (capital T) these refer to the different orders of the Maji, these orders are dictated for the different way they use and access magic, to date there are seven Threads.    Within each Thread there is little in the way of hierarchy, rather there are several positions of note that are chosen by vote and merit from within that thread. The Head of each Thread is known as the First Stitch, it is the First Stitch that then sits on the Hepatic Council.


    Hepatic Schism
    Official Name First Thread Second Thread Third Thread Fourth Thread Fifth Thread Sixth Thread Seventh Thread
    Known As Weavers Spinners Knots Reed Warplings Weftborn College of Tapestry
    Parent Class Wizard Wizard Wizard Sorcerer Sorcerer Bard
    Specialism Complicated spells, ritual work empowerment, enhancement of other spell casters creation, prevention, absolutes mysticism, and structure/order Spirit and metaphysical magic Elemental and physical magic Mental magic
    Within Each thread there are several titles as seen below:
    Title Description Number of in Thread Type of Position
    First Stitch Head of the Thread, sits on the council of seven Single Earned
    Second Stitch Deputies to the First stitch, effectively heads of the thread whilst council business occupies the first stitch. Multiple Voted
    Bias Binder Envoy to the other threads, often called simply 'the Bias' they are so named for the most flexible portion of the fabric. Single Voted
    Strand All other members of a Thread are referred to as a strand Multiple N/A


    Before the Rending Maji were rare, the arcane arts having been largely forgotten since the old gods, specifically the Weaver, left.    But when the Rending happened and the Tear appeared those few who were practicing found themselves greatly empowered. The loose gatherings of covens and guilds found themselves drawn to the Tear and upon seeing what was below they agreed they were the only ones who could stop it from getting worse.   That was the point when the Conclave began. A call went out across Spidle, along the threads of magic that all arcane practitioners use. A call to arms, to council, to change. A year later the Hepatic Schism was formed and as their first act the Needle of the Seven threads was Raised, a great act of magic that took the thousand magi present a full month to achieve, the result was a shining glass tower that shone as a beacon, its purpose to act as waypoint, and refuge to all arcane casters.   Since its creation the Maji of the world have only been more distrusted. Being one of the Threads means you are welcome when you are needed and cast out and denied as soon as your use has ended.

    Septus stamen. septem modis. unus finis

    Alternative Names
    The Council of the Seven Threads
    Subsidiary Organizations
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