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The Seven Threaded Needle

"We shall raise a tower, it must be a beacon to the people of Spindle, all who practise the arcane arts must know we are here and that they are welcome. But it must also be a warning, a statement to our power and intent. From here we will protect the world from the potential threats that we fear this Tear hold. today we do not just raise a tower, we raise a home, a haven and most importantly a declaration."   Arch-Weaver Sti'balto speaking to the assembled Magi before on the eve Raising of the Needle
  The Seven Threaded Needle is a monumental building, hundreds of feet tall, the only place it is not visible from is the great forest to the west of the mountains. Knitted together out of the sand and rock of the Vu'Ko'Tin, the shining spire that sits above the ground is a multi-faceted Glass marvel. Below the ground lies a network of halls and corridors that make up most of the building. It is said that there is space for every magic user on spindle to be in residence all at once in the Needle, this is actually the spool in truth, a name given to the lower levels originally in jest.   The Needle that sits upon the sand of the Vu'Ko'Tin is an entirely glass structure, raised from the ground with a single spell woven for over a month by almost a thousand Maji working together. The building itself thrums with magical potential and amplifies all magic cast within it. At its tip, there is not a point but an eye, and it is through this eye that the First stitches oversee the drawing down of the threads of magic and the channelling of them into the many hundreds of wards that prevent the tear from growing. in the 800 years since the needle was first raised there have never been less than seven Maji in the eye at any one time ensuring that the spell seals are kept strong.   As you descend the needle there are many rooms, each always has a Maji resting ready to take the place of one of the others above. at the base of the 3000-step descent sits the entrance to the Spool. It is in the spool that the Majis other great work is being done. the taste of understanding the tear. From the Spool expeditions are sent into it, each one daring to go further than the last. But the Spool is also where research, training and living happen. whilst the Needle is the beacon, the Spool is the heart and the true centre of the Hapatic Schism.
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