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Solatra Brightfeather

Second Stitch of the Fourth Thread, Reed of Discovery Solantra Brightfeather

"Yes its hard being away from my birth family, as you know the Kawasemi are very family orientated. But I have a new family here at the needle, in the Fray I could only protect my tribe, but here I can protect everyone." - Solatra Brightfeather, on leaving their home to come to the needle.
  Solatra Brightfeather is a person of many firsts, the first Avanti to come and join the Schism, the youngest Bias binder to be elected and the first person to step down from the role. They are a bright spark in the Schism, their magic is natural and uncomplicated which matches their personality perfectly and their dedication to the furthering of magic is second to none.   An Avanti, or bird person to the common folk, Solatra is a member of the Kawasemi tribe who resemble kingfishers in their face and colouring. They are also smaller than many of the other Avanti tribes. They are unique in that they are the first of their race to join the Hepatic Schism, many of the other members of the tribe who show the promise of magic become spirit-souls, but this was not the path that Solatra wanted for themselves. They were drawn to the needle, to the Tear, to discovery. It was this drive that lead them to step down as the Bias, they wanted to pursue other things. And so after a huge amount of work they were aloud to send the first expedition into the tear.    Five years later they have now been named Reed of Discovery. A title that none have had before. To be a Reed, a member of the fourth thread marks you are truly unique in how you access your magic. But to be named as the Reed of something is different, this marks you as the path through which that thing is ordered. The reed in a loom is used to ensure that the threads don't get tangled, here the purpose is the same.   In their time as the Reed of Discovery Solatra has pushed the Schism to new heights (or depths as the case may be) and the Schism has never been stronger or more knowledgeable.
Current Status
Heading the expedition efforts in the Tear
Current Location
Deep black and piercing
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bright blue Feathers round the face with rainbow colours under the wings.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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