Bias Binder

"I am not intrested in what the Firsts are doing currently, that is not why I am here, it is not why any of us should be here, if your concern is with the politics of the Schism then you should step down and petition to become a second stitch. Here in this chamber we are interested in one thing and one thing alone, the welfare of the people who call the Needle and spool home. Now to the matter at hand..."  
  • Icha Sondali, Bias Binder of the Fourth Thread, Head of the Bias Council, Speaking to the Bias Council regarding the actions of one of the members.
  •   An often overlooked role in the schism, the seven Bias Binders, are almost a sub-council that maintain good relations between the threads and are responsible for all non-maji who live and work in the needle and spool. A big job that requires a lot of time and attention, the Bias (as they are often called) have almost unlimited power to implement change. The position is one that few aspire to as the title comes with little to no standing in the Thread, unlike a second stitch whos votes carry more weight than a simple strand, instead it is one of, if not the only role in the schism that provides to those who do it a genuine sense of satisfaction and an absolute knowledge that you are helping.   The day to day of a Bias Binder is that of meetings with their fellow bias in the Bias council chamber, an open room that has no doors and sits as the central point of the spool. From there the Bias discuss issues of the day in managing the living spaces of hundreds of people who live there, they also act as a court hearing non and minorly magical disputes and dishing out verdicts and punishment as needed. Each of the seven will also meet privately with the First stitch of their thread to provide updates and suggest if there are any unspun who should be pushed by their teacher toward the spinning, or more importantly any who are showing characteristics of those who should be held back from it.    The Bais are without doubt the heart of the Schism, without them the order would have crumbled into infighting and petty squabbles years ago.
    Source of Authority
    Voted in by the Thread.
    Length of Term
    Until they step down
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    25 Aug, 2022 23:20

    Man, people are ungrateful bunches. You spend so much time keeping things together, and all you get is contempt. Boo, I say, boo.