Gnolls are medium-sized viverrid sophonts native to the island Eiakker in the Thalassaterrian archipelago. These cunning sophonts are often rather aggressive, and have a distinct aroma that most other Thalassaterrian sophonts have come to dislike or, at worst, fear.

Basic Information


Gnolls are medium-sized semi-bipedal viverrids, and though they are only a meter in height, their long, prehensile tail often almost doubles that length. Gnolls are covered in thick, coarse fur that protects against parasites.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Gnolls originated on the large island of Eiakker, but have since spread throughout the Thalassaterrian Archipelago and outwards to Sikano and Eren.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The gnolls are one of the most organized and outgoing species in the Thalassaterrian archipelago (in contrast to the other species’ isolationism), having formed an empire across most of the archipelago’s base that is currently on the decline.

Average Technological Level

Gnollish technology makes frequent use of organic material in unconventional ways, and is well-adapted to improvisational repairs and/or additions.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Gnolls of the Eian Empire typically speak a common tongue: sraagnial.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The gnolls regularly conflict with many other species, gorgons in particular.
A gnoll wayfarer catches scent of a fellow gnoll.
Scientific Name
Arctictis sapiens
Average Height
1 meter
Average Weight
22 kilograms
Average Length
1.7 meters (tail adds ~0.7 m to height)
Sapience type
Waystone Info
+2 DEX
+1 CON

Innate Traits

Helping Hand
Thanks to your arboreal ancestry, you are gifted with not only opposable thumbs on your feet, but an additional manipulator: your long, fully prehensile tail. Your acrobatics skill is increased by +1.
Nose Knows
Unfortunately, the distinctive musk of gnolls is difficult to mask. Your pungent odor of dried maize gives you away to anyone with a nose, making hiding hard. Your stealth skill is decreased by -1.


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