Wailing phantoms of the murky night.

Bunyips are semiaquatic spinosaurids found in warm fresh and brackish waters around the globe. S. arokhensis, S. australis, S. thalassa, and S. vasilicus are the four known species, native to Arokha, west Sikano, east Sikano / Thalassaterria, and Eren, respectively. The name of the bunyips is a nikktu word meaning “frightening cry”; so called because these nocturnal creatures communicate territorial claims with infamously bloodcurdling screams that can be heard as far as two kilometers away.

Basic Information


Bunyips are primarily quadrupedal semiaquatic spinosaurids, with a lower sail and longer teeth than its ancestral relatives. They also sport bioluminescent crests on their heads, with coloration varying based on habitat.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Bunyips can be found along subtropical and tropical coastlines, and in rivers, lakes, and wetlands worldwide.
Scientific Name
Genus Spinosuchus
Irritator challengeri
Average Weight
860 kilograms
Average Length
6 meters


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