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Thu, May 26th 2022 12:52
The opinion of others is for me something really important and I therefore wanted to collect the overall opinion of you, my subscribers on my world. What elements could be improved? What are conversely successful? I look forward to your comments!
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Universal income

Thu, May 26th 2022 03:15
One of the central pillars of the Federal Republic's economic system is the establishment of a universal income. What is your opinion on this one? Do you think that would be a good idea or, on the contrary, a disaster? Do not hesitate to give your opinion on this subject, it interests me a lot.
It could be a divisive topic...
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Thu, May 26th 2022 10:06
Even if I have a lot of ideas to develop my world, I may forget elements that could be interesting so that's why I propose you to give me your ideas here. I will try my best to integrate them into the world by creating articles from these.
Types of Planets
Difficult Terrane