Office of the President

The Office of the President is the executive branch of the Federal Republic's government, it is the center of power of the central government and every decision of its leaders will have an impact on the whole Republic or, sometimes, even on the whole Alpha and Beta quadrant.



The Executive Office is headed by the President of the Republic, elected by universal suffrage for a non-renewable eight-year term. It is the President who ensures the proper functioning of the executive apparatus of the Republic accompanied by the Prime Minister who is the link between the Presidency and the State Council. The President also directs the internal and external policy of the government on all aspects that are under his responsibility.


Led by the President, it is made up of the latter, the Prime Minister, all the ministers and ten advisers, each specializing in a particular area. The purpose of the Cabinet is to define the plans of the government with regard to bills, reforms and all matters relating to governance. It will then be the Prime Minister who will implement his projects by allocating these said projects to the departments concerned. The appointment of the advisers and of the Prime Minister is made by the Senate which chooses one of the three proposals of the President and the Prime Minister for the appointment of ministers which follow the same principle.

State Council

The Council of State ensures the coordination of the various departments which work on the frames of the projects, it is directed by the Prime Minister. It is also used by ministers to express the problems and needs of their department, they will be communicated to the President by the Prime Minister. It is also he who must apply the existing laws and rules of the federal government, whether directly by his departments or via their agencies.


A non-decision-making body, the governor's council brings together the seven governors of the seven sectors of the Republic on an annual basis with the aim of expressing their grievances to the President and informing him of the situation in their sector. Although being only an advisory body, this council is very important for the cohesion of the Republic since it gives a feeling of listening to the governors.

Public Agenda

The purpose of the Executive Office is to ensure the proper functioning of the Federal Republic's government as well as of these different departments and agencies. He must also, through the Prime Minister, propose to the Senate what must be the subject of a vote of the latter to set up his internal and external policy.


The Executive Office sits in the government district in Paris on Earth, in a building that is called the Presidential Plaza. It is in this building which accommodates the offices of the President, those of the Prime Minister, the room which serves the State Council, the Cabinet and the Governor's Council.
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