The first real colony in the outer solar system, it was founded in 2059 by a group under the aegis of the UN which launched an expedition to the moon of the Jovian system. Later, the Solar Confederation gave him the status of member in 2076 which allowed him to form his own government. It is today a moon with a modest population, but which still has an importance in the solar system since a good part of the people working on the Archangel Station reside on Ganymede. It is also a very useful stopover for travelers crossing the solar system, allowing them to have access to all the services of a city without having too long a transfer time between the surface and space.


Ganymede has a total population of 4.4 billion which is made up entirely of humans, the capital and main city on the moon is Zaras which also hosts the main spaceport on the planet. The rest of the population is concentrated in many cities of different size all around the moon, mixing underground and under pressurized domes section.


The capital of the planetary government of Ganymede is Zaras, the city contains all the institutions necessary for government. The supreme court, the offices of the executive and the Planetary Assembly were installed in the Zaras' governmental districts. The executive apparatus is made up of the representative of the planet which is called an Intendant and the various departments which deal with the competences which are allotted to the Ganymede's government.


Like all republican planets, Venus has an Orbital Defense System (ODS) which is made up of several orbital cannons used to support Navy vessels in the event of an attack. The planet is also defended by the Army and the Air Force whose task is to defend it against any invasion attempt, Marine Corps units are also stationed on the planet.

Industry & Trade

Ganymede is an important center for the refinement of minerals coming from the mining carried out within the Jovian system, the fact that it does not have a biosphere also allows it to have its own mining activities on its territory. On a commercial level, it is an important node for the internal traffic of the solar system, being also the rallying point of the outer Solar System.


Venus has a dense train network that connects the various cities of the planet, it also has two spaceports, the largest being in Zaras and the same number of orbital stations. The last are for receive ships that cannot land on the planet because of their excessive mass.


The cities of Ganymede are like all the republican cities, they have a lot of vegetation, use a lot of glass and carbon fiber materials on mid-rise or high-rise buildings. Transparent solar panels are also inserted in the windows which reduces the energy consumption of buildings. There are also very dense with a majority of mid-rise buildings and, in the city-centre, many high-rise buildings who are not too imposing to keep cities on a human scale. The particularity of Ganymede lies in its underground cities and under the domes of the moon to allow the inhabitants to breathe and protect themselves from radiation.


The surface of Ganymede is a mixture of two types of terrain: very old dark regions, heavily covered with impact craters, and brighter and younger (but nevertheless old) regions marked by numerous furrows and ridges. The dark terrain, which occupies about a third of the surface, contains clays and organic matter that could indicate the composition of the impactors from which the Jovian satellites accreted.
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4.4 Billion
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Nothing cooler than a moon base with above and below-ground components. Question, was the vegetation terraformed above or below the surface of Ganymede?

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Due to its low mass, Ganymede was not terraformed, but the vegetation is present in pressurized areas, especially in cities under domes or underground!

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