The Xisthrosai are an ancient nomadic species that have been around at least as long as the Akhaale. Little is known about them even by the Akhaale. Despite their reputation as traders, there is no record of their appearance. There are records of interactions with them, but no one remembers, or is able to capture their appearance.   It is believed the Xisthrosai are centered around a single large starliner, supported by numerous smaller craft.

Civilization and Culture


The origins of the Xisthrosai are unknown. The Akhaale theorized that the species came from another galaxy, at least some 50,000 years ago, based on the vessel's hull composition containing elements not currently encountered in the known galaxy.   In 9995 AF, the Xisthrosai starliner appeared before the Capeleon species. In exchange for random cultural nicknaks, the Xishrosai gifted the Capeleons with a supply of Hydromiel to help feed their growing population.   When the Na’ Ur Instrumentality attacked in 10,000 AF, the Xisthrosai mothership gathered what Capeleon refugees it could before departing for parts unknown.


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