The Capeleons, natives of the planet Chakma are masses of flowing fibers who can rearrange their bodies quickly to assume any shape. They evolved on a highly predatory world where their camouflage and shape-shifting were useful for catching their scarce, elusive prey before competing predators could.   As a result of their inconstant form, their technology is similarly bizarrely shaped and flexible. This makes their structures remarkably adaptive to changes in conditions, albeit not terribly well armored against direct attack.

Civilization and Culture


Capeleon civilization achieved space flight in 9732 AF, assembling their first Starliner in 9969. They grew to claim at least 3 other systems: NU-X11, Ikma, and Bukam.   They were known for their confusing, seemingly chaotic style of leadership, believing that flexibility was key, and going with whatever they thought was the key to their survival.   In 10,000 AF, they encountered the Na’ Ur Instrumentality. They swiftly refused to be assimilated into the network, following which their civilization was quickly destroyed and assimilated.   Before their assimilation, they encountered at least one other species, the Xisthrosai.

80 yrs
Average Height
1-2 m (variable)
Average Length
1-2 m (variable)


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