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Ondea is a colonized moon that orbits Cirelia and is one of the planet's territories. Ondea is one of Cirelia’s main colonies and one of its oldest. It is covered in fields and forests, with much of the terrain being rich and great for plants to grow in.   The moon is one of Cirelia’s colonies and its infrastructure and population growing and developing alongside its primary, i.e. the planet it orbits around.

Ecosystem & Geography

Ondea is covered in lots of grasslands and thin forests growing on hilly bluffs, with the planet's terrain and soil being productive for agriculture.   Much of the planet's flora and fauna are the same as those on Cirelia, due to Cirelian colonists replacing the native species with those that they brought with them. There are some native flora and fauna that are native to the moon, but they are not a majority (in part due to cirelian species outperforming them on the moon) and most have become mixed in with cirelian species.


The moon has lots of small towns and villages, as well as a handful of large urban centers. The moon as a whole is less developed than Cirelia, with the population more spaced out and more rural.   The ruralness of the planet is not only because of the moon's smaller population but also due to the moon being used for lots of agriculture. Most of the moon’s population works in agriculture and farming or is in some way related to agriculture business; in urban areas, there are also more business people and people in other job types.   The planet’s population is mostly made up of Cirelian humans, with small pockets of other species and ethnic groups there. The mood is significantly less diverse than its primary.   The Ondean population is a subgroup of Cirelians, with their own cultural distinctions from the larger ethnic group. Most Ondeans still identify themselves as Cirelians, but often will consider themselves Ondean-Cirelians and have their own sense of local pride.


The moon has a similar infrastructure to Cirelia, with the two places developing alongside each other. The main form of long-distance transportation is shuttle ships, along with one or two hovertrains running between the major cities.
Cirelian Government


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