The second planet in the Iwa system, Kalkan is the only planet in the system able to sustain life, sitting in the center of the golden orbit. Home to a number of species. Kalkan is a blue jewel, with four moons. All large enough to hold atmospheres. Along with an icy ring surrounding the equater of the planet.


Kalkan is full of massive plains, and tall mountains, dense forests, and cold tundras. The is precipitation low, but no rainforests or jungles exist on the planet. There is a large amount of fresh water on the planet, as the large oceans are made up of freshwater.


Long, long before the space age, the species of Kalkan were at war, until a new species came along, the warring Kalkanians turned on this new species, and were pushed to the brink by the newcomers, who easily won the war, and brought the species together. Bringing a peace among them. This new species created a united world, and became integrated into the society. The new order was called the United Kalkan States, and has stayed that way for many thousands of years.


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I realize it isn't a very good article. This whole idea has come about in around 5 hours, so it will be very, very rough. Allow me slack as the galaxy is slowly built around it.

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