Soldiers of the sword coast A Dark Prophecy

A Dark Prophecy

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


The crew of the Raven's Call returns from an accidental trip to the future and reports that the outlook is grim, and the war is seemingly lost unless something changes.

After an excursion by some of the soldiers to retrieve the party, the smallest member stood near the fire and gave a lengthy speech.

Xan’s guild sent me on a mission to find information across the ocean Met three pirates, knew the pirates Met the Jims Went across the sea for a while I hate the sea We go to a port with people that ask us to deal with a nearby threat The threat turns out to be a bunch of goblins I think We stopped a summoning ritual probably where the goblins were doing something, destroyed their cannons, killed them all. Found some dead people from the island we think We went back, but the place was entirely covered in fog. We went back where the place was deserted and I climbed a rock and got bitten by this wolf. We left and went to this island where there was a huge dead thing with broken ships everywhere We found this nice girl under the ship that I really didn’t like at first because she kept casting spells on me and screwing with me, but eventually we became friends but that didn’t really happen until later. Turns out she’s REALLY good at magic because the Jims had this weird magic thing that was powering the ship that probably affected her I really really wanted to leave, but Oisin wanted to stay and investigate, so we did, and then left the island after basically finding nothing except for some money that I was able to pop open out of a chest. We left there and kept sailing when it got REALLY dark, then we saw this scary glowing ship in the distance, and I’m like “Hey guys, we should sail away from that big, scary, glowing ship,” but everyone else wanted to go straight at it. So we did and I went to go tell the jims that all of the pirate’s were being really stupid and so they were like, “OY JIM, why’s that lizard yellin’ at us JIM?” “I don’t KNOW Jim” “Well would ya go ask him, Jim” “ok ok, fine jim” So anyways, they started doing some crazy stuff with their arcane engine and just by the skin of our teeth we were able to somehow teleport halfway across the ocean. How does that work? I don’t really fuckin know, but that’s what happened. So anyways, there was this boat that was also a casino, so we absolutely went there, we spent like a bunch of money to get on, everyone in the party lost money except for me because I went sorta CRAZY playing 21. I made a good amount of money. So ANYWAYS that’s when we started sailing to a pirate outpost so that we could find some information that could be used to help efforts in the war. So we pulled up and it was foggy, so LET me just preface this because none of this is going to make any sense if I don’t say it now. Suddenly, we were 30 years in the future. When we teleported with our boat, we also traveled into the future We met this vampire Muse at the Pirate outpost and everyone else was dead and gone, she ended up stealing Cora, so we were all like, ‘fuck the boat’ and we ran off to go safe her. We came across these people along the way who said hello that will be important later. We found ourselves in a small village on our way to find Cora and… Apparently, they were very interested in me. They looked at me, and they said that they hadn’t seen one of ‘my kind’ in many many years. Told me Kobolds disappeared overnight, all wiped out, gone in an instant.. There was a ruined statue of Salune at the entrance of the village, and then that’s when we put two and two together. We looked up in the sky and that’s when we saw it.. The moon was shattered into thousands of pieces. We went into the muses lair, saved Cora after she basically killed her herself, and then we quickly ran her back. We ended up following the folks I mentioned earlier into the Fey Wilds, where we went there and met a Tiger Demon that Oisin and I had met a good while ago so we ran away, tried to get back. We finally made it back from the Fey Wilds, Myself and Bertran kept our memory and had to tell everyone else what was going on. We ended up going to meet this Aarokara named Kherk who has an operation out in Moray and he gave us all these books. Skitter will get out all of the books These books all describe where we went wrong in the war. Everything that lead to us losing the war is in these books. We learned that in a week from today, maybe less, maybe more, bombs will go off all around WaterDeep and completely destory the entire city. The large statues all around WaterDeep they just.. They blew up, killing thousands, killing EVERYONE. But all of this information we found, it’s useless, it won’t do us any good if we don’t all start working together to make sure that we save this world.. Because I’ve been there, 30 years from now isn’t a very good place to live. But regardless, we left Kherk’s temple on Moray on this giant flying boat given to us by a man named Rimgard and he told us to get back the magic thing that we had on our boats from the Jims. We came back to the right time and then crash landed onto a nearby village.. And here we are. Skitter takes a DEEEEEEP breath And that's it!
— Skitter

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