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Sara of The Twilight Song

Priestess Kisarana Telielyran (a.k.a. Sara)

Rescued from the ruins of Pembroke, the mysterious being known as Kisarana tends to the Moonwell situated in the Torriage Wood. Believed to be a descendent of an ancient species of dragon, 'Sara' is thought to possess knowledge of the Moonshaes that had been lost over time.   During the day, Sara can usually be found quietly tending to the Moonwell's waters, with a thoughtful expression on her face. One can always locate her among the massive stones by following the melodic winds that now echo through the ancient shrine. At night, it is not uncommon to witness her taking flight and soaring across the night sky; a sight that mesmerizes the many Ffolk who make the pilgrimage to the now sacred site. What she seeks in the sky remains unknown, but it is rumored that those who witness her on these occasions are blessed with luck beyond measure.  


Sara's past is shrouded in mystery, and she rarely speaks of anything prior to her rescue. She is an enigmatic figure, with little known about her life before. However, what is known is that the events leading up to her rescue have left an indelible mark on Sara's psyche, forcing her to remain silent on the subject. Attempts to coax her into talking about her life prior to the war have been met with steady resistance and even hostility.  


The motivations of the priestess, while unclear, are no secret to anyone who has spent time with her. Sara seeks to spread what she refers to as "The Twilight Song," a series of rituals and practices lost to the Ffolk people. However, despite her strong convictions, she hasn't found any visitor worthy of passing on this knowledge. Instead, she holds the ceremonies herself and invites all who visit to join her in experiencing the ancient teachings. Her unwavering commitment to preserving these traditions is a testament to her strength and courage in the face of the horrors she endured.

Tenets of Faith

Those who seek the solace of the moon's glowing radiance are drawn to the mesmerizing melody of the Twilight Song, while those who yearn to bask in the song's haunting notes find themselves drawn to the illuminating light of the moon.   The light of the moon is a beacon of hope for those lost in the darkness, a symbol of the wisdom and grace that can guide us to a better tomorrow.   The Twilight Song is not a tangible thing, but rather an intangible melody that can only be heard by the pure of heart and the brave of spirit.
Divine Classification
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Keeper of the Twilight Song, Child of the First Sister, Sovereign of the Torriage Wood
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Sisters of The Twilight Song